Creative Fibro Digital Guru is a website created with you in mind. I want to support you in your digital development. As Spoonies many of us have limited physical lives, and the internet is a tool that can expand our reach. I have various plans for future blog posts, but I want you to take the lead. Therefore, I am introducing the roadmap.

What is a Roadmap?

If you are unfamiliar with this term in connection with technology, a roadmap is a development plan. Ideas people would like to see, the ability to vote on these ideas and see what is the most popular and finally the plan for when they will go live. Roadmaps are popular for apps to let users contribute their ideas.

Why have a roadmap for a blog?

I haven’t seen a public roadmap for anyone else’s blog. Although most serious bloggers have an editorial calendar. But I wanted to do something different. I want to put you in the driving seat – well at least make you a copilot! Don’t worry I have an editorial planner if you can’t think of ideas. But if you know there is a website or app, you need help to get your head around; or a particular area of blogging you would like to understand better. add it to the roadmap and i will see what I can do!

Where to find the Roadmap

I have created the Roadmap in Trello. This is not my main project management tool, I will share that with you soon. But Trello’s basic account is a great way to create a Roadmap. If you don’t have a Trello account already, I have created this overview of how to create one.

Introducing the Roadmap

Here is the direct link to the roadmap. As long as you login to the account you have created it will open for you. It looks like this:

Roadmap in Trello

As you can see, on the left-hand side at the top there is a card saying Read this first. If you open this card, you will find it explains how the board works. It is very simple I promise.

I look forward reading your ideas and helping you to resolve your digital issues.

Introducing the Roadmap Pinterest image with screenshots of the roadmap and the Trello Account.

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