As you are reading this, it will be the twelfth night, and along with other traditionalists, we will have taken down our Christmas decorations today. I was fortunate to be pretty much well over the Christmas Period, New Years Day was the only real exception as the morning was written off with a headache and although I saw the New Year in on TV no alcohol was involved! I would like to take this opportunity to officially wish all my fellow spoonies a very happy, healthy new year. It is the New Year that is the focus of my post today, to be precise my hopes and ambitions for 2018.
I was recently reading Chronic Pain New Year’s Resolutions on Fibro Fridays where she says:
I don’t tend to make New Year’s Resolutions.  I am one of those people that doesn’t keep them very well. I have a treadmill that is collecting dust and a yoga mat that has not seen my stinky feet in months.

Fibro Fridays

I have to confess that I hadn’t given the new year a second thought other than watching the Fireworks and seeing it in. I spent months preparing for Christmas though. I remember when I was younger I would always make some new years resolutions and they were usually about creating routines, turning something I never did into a daily habit – because apparently that is going to work isn’t it! I also felt that Resolutions didn’t count unless created before the chime of midnight on New Year’s Eve! I’d like to think I am a little older and wiser now. I may not have made any dramatic resolutions on New Year’s Eve but I am going to share with you my hopes and ambitions for 2018 which I have taken longer to think about, and I hope I can achieve.
Not resolutions but hopes and ambitions

Hopes for the year

Firstly, it has to be a given that I hope my Fibromyalgia will behave itself; I will manage to avoid flare-ups or at least keep them as short as possible and also that my general health will improve. Our two keywords for this year are frugal and healthy. We need to reduce our expenditure on food, and we also must take action to lose weight. I hope that I have the spoons to be able to get more involved with the cooking and to find some healthy, enjoyable recipes that don’t trigger any of my food sensitivities. I also hope I may be able to fine-tune the contents of that list to give me a better insight into what I really should avoid eating. I hope to spend some more time this year on my Genealogy. I have barely touched my tree in 2017 other than trying to respond to the odd email request I have received. As I am now using a MacBook Pro for the majority of my productivity, I have got some new genealogical software, RootsMagic, and I hope to have the time and energy to get the best out of this as I think I did with my previous Window’s based software. Another big hope tied to the keyword frugal is that I can successfully grow both this blog and other skills into a profitable venture because I would love to do it all for pleasure but we all need an income of some sort. Every one of you who follows me on social media is helping towards this goal, and I can’t thank you enough.


Of course, there is a significant overlap between hopes and ambitions and it my aim to achieve all the things I have hoped for, but I have a few more goals as well. As many of you know, back in September I began the Midweek Minimise Challenge, and I have slowly chipped away at decluttering, but there is a long way to go. I plan to ensure the project gets completed this year. I am sure many people would think it ridiculous that it could take over a year to declutter such a small flat. But I have to factor in the Fibro and my limited spoons and adding unnecessary stress would be ultimately counterproductive. One thing I haven’t clarified to date is although I am minimising I do not want to become a minimalist, at least not in all areas of my life. I was recently watching this fascinating YouTube video by Clutterbug, one of channels I follow.  I have worked out that when it comes to the craft area, I am a bee, in other areas I am closer to being a Cricket. Michael, on the other hand, is somewhere between a Ladybird and a Butterfly (why does he get the more beautiful insects?). I am looking forward to watching her future videos and working out a suitable compromise for our organisation styles and organisation is something I am going to talk about a little bit further down this post. I was thrilled when one of my greetings cards featured in the craft magazine that provided the die I used to make it as I shared with my Instagram followers last month:
It is my ambition to make sure this isn’t a one-time event and to keep improving my crafting ability to be able to join a design team hopefully. I take my pleasure as seriously as my work, and I am aiming to get as many achievements within WoW as possible. WoW is World of Warcraft for the non-gamers. Michael introduced me to MMO (Massively Multimedia Online) Games not long into our relationship, before then I hadn’t ventured much further than Candy Crush or Farmville. I have played a couple of others, and I may well revisit Elder Scrolls Online at some point, but for the last couple of years, I have been very much enjoying WoW. If you are interested in the character I play you can see my details here or more specifically my achievement progression here, there is still plenty to do. I previously mentioned why I play WoW in this post about Addictive Personality Types, and it is nothing really to do with war at all. My final ambition is something I have been striving over for several years. It is to be able to say I am completely happy with my level of organisation. I am fully aware that things like organisation are scalable and in comparison to many people I would probably be considered pretty organised. For my personality type, this isn’t enough though I need to be very organised (Crickets and bees again…). It hasn’t helped that I have been dancing around between paper and digital systems for years, but with the help of some of my Christmas Presents I mentioned in Wednesday’s post, I think I am working towards finding the right hybrid systems for me.
If you have created any resolutions, I would love to know what they are. Or perhaps like me, you have a direction you would like to move in rather than defined resolutions. Either way, why not drop a comment below I’d love to hear.

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