Firstly I must start with apologies if you were expecting to see the Christmas Sparkle set today, I have used my female prerogative and changed my mind! I will still be showing it next week but I have to confess with all the magazines sending Christmas items at the moment believe it or not I am slightly Christmas’d out (as you can see if you glance back at the last few weeks) – don’t worry it’s just a little blip and I’ll be back in the zone by next week but today I thought I would show you something a little bit more seasonal so I made a Halloween Card along the cute scary line using the Magik Halloween Disk.
I came across Magik Graphics on Create and Craft, they really appealed because they are so different from the usual style of products I go for. Michael loved the look of some of the discs too especially the Alchemist and the Skullduggery ones which I also have but I somewhat naturally chose to use the Halloween one for this card.  

Creating a Card

I decided to make a 7″ x 7″ card using one of my Craft Uk Card Blanks. Once I had explored the disc using my file browser I settled on the Sabrina image. To ensure everything would print at the correct size I imported them into Craft Artist. I dragged my chosen background image from the Image tab where I added it onto the workspace and then dragged it onto the background tab where it was converted to a background. I then deleted the image on the workspace and added it back as a background. Which I printed out on smooth paper. I dragged my chosen topper onto the workspace and resized it. The white background was still present so I had to work out by the proportions what the best size would be. I then printed this onto some of Linda’s White Card (Creative Crafting World) and used my ScanNCut to cut it out. I cut the background image out using my craft knife and craft ruler (I’m currently using the Tonic Craft Knife but have at least three at the moment). I cut some of Linda’s Black Card using my Cutterpillar Pro to be 5mm larger than the topper (in both direction) and layered them together with a Create and Craft Tape Pen. At which point I remembered why I usually use wet glue to do this to allow wiggle but I didn’t want to risk anything showing through as it is quite thin paper. The Tape Pens are my go-to tool for sticking in inserts… In the corners of the background, I attached some black gems.
Magik Halloween Background
This seemed a really good project to break out the black sticky foam pads that I got at the Doncaster Crafting Live show. I think they may be from Affixit. I like to use a good amount to create a level layer.
Magik Halloween Foam Pads

Bringing out the Highlights

To add a little extra pop to the highlights in the image I used some Ranger Glossy Accents. Some of this was applied directly with the bottle and then where there are starburst effects I used a cocktail stick to drag some out. I also used the cocktail stick like a pen to add some whispy bits directly.
Magik Halloween Glossy Accents

The Finished Magik Halloween Card

To complete the card I cut out the black bat from the built-in images in the ScanNCut. To give this some shape I used my Tonic Floral Crafter’s Toolset, you can get them at Amazon. I then fastened the bat to the card with some Collall Coll Kit 3D Glue Gel. Here is the completed card:
Magic Halloween Completed Card
Do you have any crafty plans for Halloween? I’ll let you know on Social Media what I get up to. Don’t forget to follow me or you’ll miss out. Next week as promised I’ll be working with the Christmas Sparkle stamps.

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