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Hi everyone we’ve made it through to the middle of the week again.  Once again it is time for one of my free gift reviews. This time it is the turn of the Forest Magic stamp set and the results are a bit emotional! If you didn’t catch it last week I talked about the Hydrangea stamp, stencil and Embossing Folder which made it into my allocated draw for everything that passes the test, will the Forest Magic Stamps earn a place? Read on to find out.


Testing the Forest Magic Stamp Collection


First quick impression

I really like these stamps. (I meant to get around to using them much earlier than I did but that is the problem when you can’t see the wood for the trees). I am a big fan of landscape designs and these are quite versatile, they may be designed with Winter and Christmas in mind but with a bit of a colour change could easily cover any season.

Forest Magic Stamp Set

How I Tested the Stamps

I tested the stamps using my trusted Tim Holtz Stamping Platform with some stamping cardstock and Black Versafine Ink. The majority of the images needed two ink applications. The two hillside images were both inked three times but I could not get the whole of the solid portion of the stamp to close over. Each time I lifted the platform up those two white portions on the stamped image were there and the ink was still on the stamps. Although it is difficult to feel by hand it seems as though there is a slight thinning of the rubber/stamp material at that point.

The Verdict

The majority of the stamps perform well and the images are really pretty. I am very aware that I may have been unlucky with my set. I have found this link to a beautiful card made with the set by Sandra, although it looks like she has not used the two stamps in question that have caused the worst problems.

To hoard or not to hoard

The questions I have to ask myself as a craft hoarder include: Do I have anything similar? The answer to that is yes I have several trees and scenery stamps that perform well, especially the Inkylicious ones. I am pretty sure I have some stamps with images of stags on by Sheena Douglass and Card-io Stamps too.

Do I feel inspired?

Whilst looking at Sandra’s card I was really inspired to use the set to make a card myself but then I looked back at my stamped images and the inspiration left me. I think this has to lead me to my conclusion.

The Final Conclusion

Is this set going to earn a spot in my craft stash? This is a really close call. The selections of stamps are lovely, the packaging design is lovely too. However, due to the fact that my stamps are not producing perfect images, I have to with a sad face let them fly off into the world and hopefully, someone else will be able to make use of them and appreciate them.

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