When you live with Fibromyalgia, footwear, similar to clothing, can be a problem. When I am in the house, you can usually find me in slippers or crocks. I often pop out in crocks too but sometimes that doesn’t feel right, for instance, when I go to Church. Read on to see how a pair of insoles from Foot Soothers saved the day.

The Best Shoes Ever

The last pair of smart shoes I bought (in 2016+/-) proved to be a miracle. They are very similar if not the same as these from Shoezone. The reason they are a miracle is that they feel like slippers. However, like all cheap shoes the manufacturers did not build them for longevity. With time the insole has flattened down to the point it feels like I am walking on a plastic griddle. In fact, that was exactly what was happening.

Enter Foot Soothers

When Foot Soothers gave me the opportunity to try some insoles I jumped at the chance. As you know I don’t get out (any distance) often so replacing my shoes is not something I can do in a hurry (and I can’t just order some online because I have to try them on). They were kind enough to gift me two pairs of my choice. So I chose the Edison XXII Elite Podiatry insoles for myself (which you can also purchase from Amazon) and for my second pair I got the Diabetic Orthotic Insoles for Michael.

My experience of the Foot Soothers Insoles

I tried my insoles out in “those shoes” going to our new Church. My bottom line was a need for the griddle to no longer dig into the sole of my foot, they accomplished that mission. However, I also gained a benefit I didn’t know I needed – the shaped heel helps to support my foot in the correct position. Without being aware of it I have a habit of walking on the outside of my feet. The evidence in on the underside of my shoes. These insoles help to correct that this helps lessen the pain in my knees.

Time to replace the shoes

Now I have seen the benefit of good quality insoles, I am keen to replace my shoes as soon as I can to discover the benefit of the insoles with better shoes. I have to be honest with you; I did not understand insoles could make such a big difference or that you can get such a wide variety. Going forward I will pay closer attention to the fit of my shoes and how well supported my feet are.

Michael’s Foot Soother Experience

As soon as I gave the insoles to Michael, he commented on the good quality. He was hoping to use them in his new slip-on shoes. Although the insoles fitted in the shoe well, he found that he couldn’t fit his foot in. So if you have wide (or tall?) feet this is something to remember. There is no problem though because he can use them in his walking boots. Unfortunately, due to living with Fibromyalgia. We could not go out for a walk since we received the insoles but as soon as we do I can update this to share his experience.

Win your own choice

On top of gifting me with these insoles. Foot Soother’s have been kind enough to give you the opportunity to win a pair of your own. The Competition closes on 13th November. So I wish you good luck.

The FootSoothers Giveaway #4

Good Luck

If you are lucky enough to win some insoles don’t forget to let me know in the comments. I’d love to know what product you choose and how much they help you. Perhaps you can’t wait to see if you win the competition and want to try them now? Why not hop over to Foot Soothers or Amazon to order your own?

Foot Soothers to the Rescue Pinterest Image with a pair of the insoles and a rucksack and boots.

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