Well, it was quite a week, last week. As you may be aware Michael took annual leave from work. Our plans included a DIY project, constructing a shelving unit for some of my craft supplies. The building went well, and I am delighted with the result. As you can imagine, it became difficult to move around in our little flat. There were craft supplies everywhere. So the kitchen area was almost impossible to access. This chaos resulted in us ordering a takeaway for dinner. Going “off the diet,” we expected to undo some of the excellent work of the detox (read about the detox) but not to end up with food poisoning. So today I thought I would talk about the experience of being a spoonie with Food Poisoning.

A convenient Takeaway

We decided to order KFC because it is close to us and available through Deliveroo. We often get a mighty bucket for one. Once you add together the cost of two of them, it made much more financial sense to get a variety bucket. I found a website that talked you through safely heating the chicken in the oven later. So we chose to eat the KFC over two days and keep it in the fridge overnight. We had done this once before and had no problems. This time things were very different.

Living Creatively with Fibro | An image of some KFC with the words KFC A convenient Takeaway

Something Didn’t Feel Right

Everything was fine on the first night. We got up and continued with building the shelves on the second day. At lunchtime, we stopped to have the second portion of KFC and initially all was well. A few hours later though and that was no longer the case. As I have struggled with IBS problems through much of my life (see this blog post), my initial thought was not Food Poisoning, but the IBS was starting up again. I’m not going to lie; I was upset by this as I hadn’t had a single problem since I started taking the Diatomaceous Earth (available on Amazon). We soon realised this was more than the return of IBS when Michael began with the same symptoms.

I initially ruled out Food Poisoning

Because I read that vomiting usually accompanies Food Poisoning and neither of us were, I didn’t consider this possibility. We both took some tablets to stop the diarrhoea and had to rest up for the remainder of the day. Later on, we ate some plain rice and protein and thought we were through the worst of it. However, this proved to be the most frustrating bowel problems I have experienced. I entered into a pattern of having a clear day, and then the next day it would start up again. I’m guessing the tablets were doing their job and putting off the symptoms for them to reappear. When I did more research and read that food poisoning can happen without vomiting and could hang around for about five days it all made sense.

Living Creatively with Fibro | An image of Michael lying down with stomach ache and the words Food Poisoning?

At my wit’s end

By the time we got to Sunday, I had got to my wit’s end. Every time I thought we had made a breakthrough, (we managed to go to the Cinema on Thursday) the symptoms would come back again with a vengeance, and we were playing tag team lying on our side on the bed. My Fibromyalgia knew that I was struggling and chipped in too, causing my joint pain and aching to flare up.

Not the week we hoped for

We had been through the whole week, and the only things that managed to happen were building one set of shelves and a trip to the cinema. This week was indeed not the week we planned. Naturally, we were also worried about Michael getting back to work.

Colloidal Silver to the rescue

Fortunately, on Sunday afternoon we had a breakthrough. Michael had been doing some more research and read about a couple of friends who got food poisoning. One of them ended up having their stomach pumped, and the other one avoided this through taking Colloidal Silver (available from Amazon). We already had some of this because I bought it to help with wound care so decided to take a couple of doses.

Kissing Food Poisoning Goodbye

Within an hour of taking the first dose, my stomach felt comfortable for the first time in five days. It genuinely seems to have fought the food poisoning and taken the symptoms away. If you look up Colloidal Silver on certain medical websites, you will see reports ranging from its benefits being untested to it being harmful. I will talk about this in more detail in another post, but for now, I will ask you, Who funds these websites? I’ll leave you to think about it for a while…

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