This weekend I have felt the need for some Floral Colour Therapy which has been achieved through some Mindfulness Colouring. For the first time, I have not used my regular Spectrum Noir Colorista Pads. If you are new here this is the usual type of mindfulness colouring I do, you can check it out in the images below.

My usual products for Mindfulness Colouring

Don’t worry I have not fallen out with Colorista and I will no doubt be using one of their pads for my next colouring project. If you are interested in getting one you can find them at Crafter’s Companion. I have the 5×7 size and my favourite design is the Exquisite Florals, I love all the colourable glitter elements in the designs. I will no doubt branch out into the A4 size at some point as some of the new designs available look amazing.

This weekend’s Floral Colour Therapy

Back to today post though, this time I used the Colour Therapy pad that came with Quick Cards Made Easy magazine Issue 148. If you are unfamiliar with the magazine each month you receive a fantastic free gift. Unbelievably this issue with the gift included came out in January 2016! One of the benefits of subscribing to plenty of craft magazines is the copious amounts of craft stash you acquire. Recently I have begun working through all my craft stash in a great big, slow paced craft declutter. You can catch up with how I am doing this in this post and the products I have worked through so far in this section of the website.

So here is the piece I have created:
colour therapy

A very Different Type of Colouring

As you can see, this is a very different type of colouring. I usually use my Colorista alcohol pens, also available from Crafter’s Companion. But for this piece, I used Gel Pens and I have a few thoughts on this.

The pens you use to colour make a big difference

Firstly, I have had various gel pens over the years and many of them have been fine for writing but rather limited when it comes to colouring as they can leave the scratchy white lines behind and can run dry very quickly. The gel pens I used for this project were a very different matter.  These unique pens by Original Stationery come in a set of mixed finishes, there are glitter pens, metallic ones, neon and the waterchalk set I used for this piece of work which features pastel colours and dries with a chalk effect finish.

Living Creatively with Fibro | Original Stationery Gel Pens from Amazon If you would like to find out more or to buy a set yourself you can get them from Amazon.

Size really does matter

Secondly, this project was a labour of love. It really did help as a mindfulness project because I had to concentrate much more than normal colouring in such small spaces. So in one way the small size of the different sections of the image was a good thing. However, the gel pens are much slimmer than my various alcohol markers. Having Arthritis in my fingers as well as the Fibromyalgia I found that after a relatively short period of time my hand was in pain.

There are two things to bear in mind before you let that influence you. The first is, as I just mentioned the Arthritis. If you do not have any issues like that the slim barrels of the gel pens should not be a problem for you. The second is that I have Fibromyalgia and I am currently dealing with my longest Flare-up to date. Well, technically three separate Flare-Ups just as soon as I have begun the recovery from one the next peek event has happened. So to put this in context any activity for more than 15-30 minutes is absolutely exhausting. Colouring this image took three days. Writing this post has taken two sittings with an hour’s rest in between. So even if you have Arthritis using these pens may not be difficult for you at all.

In a nutshell what I am trying to say is, if you love stationery or craft stash. Get yourself some because they are fabulous and truly are unique as the name says!

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