In celebration of the May Day Bank Holiday, we are enjoying today in the UK my attention has been turning to all things floral or more exactly the floral abundance all around us. As I leave for work and return each day I am enjoying seeing the Bluebells in the garden, they seemed to have replaced the Daffodils in the blink of an eye, there is also a sea of Forget-me-nots so the blue theme is spread widely throughout the garden, there is something about nature and more especially flowers that are so incredibly uplifting and calming all at the same time. Today I am going to be concentrating upon the floral theme and how both my crafting experience and Fibromyalgia life relate to my floral passion.

Chelsea Flower Show

Of course, in May the Chelsea Flower Show is held, arguably the best celebration of all things floral in the World and certainly in the UK. I am sad to say I have never made it there in person but do enjoy watching the television coverage. Another way I can catch up with the Floral world and all that is happening in it is to read Gardens Illustrated (OK I’ll be honest, maybe not read,  I mainly just enjoy looking at all the picture). I have this delivered to me via Readly but if you prefer you can get the magazine in paper form. 

Keeping up to date with the Gardens Illustrated Magazine

There are all sorts of interesting things you can discover in the magazine, I loved discovering that Dame Judy Dench has a new David Austin Rose named after her which is being debuted at the Chelsea Flower Show, it is a beautiful Apricot Colour. The May issue of the magazine also features a preview of the Chelsea Flower Show. David Domoney’s Artisan Garden sponsored by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission certainly captured my imagination. As I look through all the images of beautiful gardens I really feel a sense of calm descending and I would swear my pain levels dropping slightly.

english floral gardens

The place of Flowers in Crafting

It is hardly new for me to be talking about flowers when it comes to my crafting. My recent card makes have included beautiful floral designs and the Evernote Inventory I talked about in my Shopping Your Stash post has had floral elements on every page I have added so far. I have also been enjoying colouring in images from the Spectrum Noir Exquisite Florals Book, you can see some of these images in my gallery here.

Some of my Favourite Floral Crafting Ranges

Looking through my wonderful Papercrafting stash and so many of my favourite brands have so many sets based around floral themes, Creative Crafting World (and these include the Wonderful works of Pollyanna Pickering which may be based on wildlife but all the wildlife is featured within settings of beautiful scenery including floral imagery,  Joanna Sheen who has her own beautiful Country Days Blog, Wild Rose Studios with their beautiful floral imagery and of course Sheena Douglass who’s range includes matching floral stamps and dies and finally not forgetting the Dreamees who make such adorable affordable crafting products including copious amounts of flower stamps (and now some dies).

Digital Crafting

That is just looking at my paper stash and my stamps, as well as using Serif Craft Artist with a wide array of Digikits I have a whole bookcase full of Papercrafting CD’s and DVD’s these are fantastic as they take up so much less space and as long as I have plenty of blank papers and cardstock – do you really need to ask? and of course ink cartridges (I buy cheap-as-chips replica ones and still get perfect results as long as I print on good quality papers) I can print away to my heart’s content. Some of my favourite floral-themed disks include Debbi Moore’s Build a Bunch, Joanna Sheen’s Cottage Garden and Crafter’s Companion  A County Life.


Floral Abundance in Crafting

Flowers to Manage my Health

The Role of Flowers in Essential Oils

As well as playing a large part in my crafting life Flowers also support me in looking after my health. The Essential Oils I usually have vapourising in both the living room and bedroom are of course derived from plants, if not always flowers. My regular go-to combination is Lavender, Peppermint and Eucalyptus. You can read more about how I use Essential Oils here.

Flowers to lift your mood

It is fairly obvious I am sure but for a lot of people (not all, I l know) having fresh flowers in the room is a simple mood lifter both the sight of them and also the wonderful fragrance that many flowers give off. I struggle to come up with an ultimate favourite but some of my favourites include Gerbera’s, Roses and Gypsophila which all featured in my beautiful Wedding Bouquet. I was lucky that I got to take this on Honeymoon with me, am I the only bride who actually cried when the flowers died – I think it was probably to do with the fact that all the planning, organising and preparations were all finished with and the almost anticlimax that the wedding day had been and gone and the dying of the flowers became the symbolism of this.


For anyone else who has a Bank Holiday (sorry that doesn’t include my American readers I know it’s not a National Holiday there), I hope you have a lovely day and make the most of it.

Please do leave a comment and let me know if you enjoy crafting with floral elements or using essential oils.

Do you have a very favourite flower if so which is it?

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