It’s Friday which on this blog means Fibromyalgia day and today it is an exciting one because I would like to introduce you to my First Vlog. For over a year I have been planning and putting this off as I explain in the video. It is very much thanks to encouragement from Lee who runs the Fibro Bloggers Directory and Kim from I tripped Over a Stone that I jumped in and recorded this. As you know, I have Fibromyalgia, so there were reasons to delay and possibly not go ahead with it which I again talk about in the vlog, but I decided it was time to be real and put it out there.

Are you still writing the blog?

Fibro Posts

The first question you may have when you hear about my first vlog is are you replacing the blog with vlogging, and I can assure you that the blog is not going anywhere! My vision is that the two will work side by side. The Fibromyalgia posts like How Emotions Impact Fibromyalgia will continue to be similar to what they are now, however, I may go into extra detail in the vlog because, let’s face it, it can be easier to say something than to write it. You can see my expression, you know if I am serious or lighthearted about an issue.

Crafting Updates

The Monday craft posts like the recent Father Day Cards will, with time, start including recorded footage of me making the cards so you can see step by step how I do it, and also the gadgets I am using to enable me to keep doing some of the techniques which would have been impossible without them. Gaining these skills may take some time though, remember so far there is only my first Vlog and a tour of my craft area filmed and edited last year. I think my skills have improved already since then ?.

Organising and Decluttering

The organisation posts like Sacrificing Spoons for Sanity will again be able to include some time lapses so that you can see exactly how I go about attempting to transform our flat into something vaguely presentable. The journey from a cluttered mess to an organised space is a long journey that has been going on for over a year. I’m sure if you have Fibromyalgia or another Chronic Health Condition you will understand that. I am also planning to learn how to show you my computer screen while I talk to you then I can demonstrate some of my organising software in action.
Living Creatively with Fibro | First Vlog head over to YouTube I'm vlogging too

Sharing Life Updates

As well as using the videos to enhance the blog I may create extra vlogs to talk about other things that don’t entirely fit in with the blog and there is a good chance that I may join in with stuff like Monthly favourites because I know how much I like to watch them and how popular they are. As well as getting the YouTube channel up and running I am hoping to bring you some Instagram and Facebook Stories as I get increasingly used to recording things.

Presenting my First Vlog

I’d love your Support

You can’t know how grateful I am for every one of you who have read my blog posts and supported me. I would be so happy if you could continue with that support by watching my first vlog and subscribing to my YouTube channel. Because I cannot guarantee my schedule as I get up and running, it would be a good idea to click the bell icon too so I can tell you when I upload new videos and vlogs. Once my channel starts to become more established, I’m sure I will get into a routine and share it with you.

I’ll be back with a new post soon. The best way to ensure you don’t miss any is to subscribe to the newsletter. You can choose to follow any combination or all of the categories I talk about, and you will receive an email whenever I upload a new blog post.

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