I would belatedly like to wish you a Happy New Year, in fact a Happy New Decade. I can’t believe we are two weeks into it already. Unfortunately on New Year’s Day, in the afternoon, I didn’t have a very good time of it. This has gone on to become a New Year Fibro Flare-Up. So, I thought I would share with you some of my Christmas experience.

The run up to Christmas

I hope you had a good Christmas season and your pain levels were manageable. Not to mention your energy levels as good as they ever gets. Our Christmas build up was lovely I always enjoy the build up to the big day throughout December. In the first week we had the switching on of the Christmas lights. The whole community got involved and it was a complete joy for children and adults alike. The following week I sang in a Christmas concert with the village choir, it is amazing being back singing. I have missed singing so much since I gave up singing with the Church choir. I had done this for over half of my life. As we got closer to Christmas I was busy with various baking jobs; and of course we bought every nice but naughty treat in sight.

Michael and I stood in front of the village Christmas Tree after the lights had been turned on.

On Christmas Night

We made the decision to go to Midnight Mass at the Church in the next village. I have always loved this service. For the last few years I have not been able to attend one due to the housing situation. Let’s face it, as you know if you have been reading my blog for long I was practically housebound. I won’t lie I had a little wobble on Christmas Eve. After all the years spending this time with the choir, who were let’s face it are almost family.

This year I would be attending the service with Michael; but other than the clergy I would not really know anyone else in the Church. I couldn’t help reminiscing during the late afternoon, about how much I loved the carol singing and socialising we used to do before the service. I was hit by a pang of regret that those times were gone. However, when I went to the service I was able to be in the moment. I got all I should out of the experience.

The Big Day

This was the first Christmas for Michael and I in our own home, and therefore the first time that we cooked a Christmas Dinner. We did plenty of research and watched Jamie Olivers get ahead plan. You would think, therefore, it should have been a breeze – lol. The plan began to go wrong when we were completing some of the get ahead steps on Christmas morning. Michael was up early and got things going. Unfortunately he was not feeling too good and had to have a lie down at about 1 pm. I carried on as well as I could before Michael came back down. and we were eventually ready to eat at 4 pm.

I won’t lie by this time were were almost past it. But it was a lovely meal and we learnt a lot so the experience will be easier next time. I fully planned to watch Call the Midwife and Gavin & Stacey during the evening, but the day ran away with itself and I had to catch up with them in the next couple of days.

The Boxing Day Aftermath

Boxing Day did not start very well. I had a headache that was bad enough to need to take all my painkiller and use a Kool ‘n’ Soothe Migraine strip. If you have not tried these I completely recommend them they have made my worst days bearable. You can get them from Amazon. I think the headache was caused by a mixture of tiredness, the exertions of the previous day and quite possibly the glass of wine I had on the day. Looking at the label it was 11%, the strongest thing I have had in the last couple of years is Blue Wicked which is 4%. It is fair to say that I don’t even have five units in a year so I am not used to alcohol.

The Missing Week

Is it just me or does the week between Christmas and New Year seem to evaporate. I can’t even tell you what we did during this time! I know we watched some TV and films and played some computer games, and of course ate, but other than that – nada! In terms of the Fibro things were so-so I was probably in maintenance mode. Not as good as I can be but nothing especially bad, other than the headache and the odd IBS issue.

The Arrival of a New Decade

We stayed up to see the New Year in. I have a little tradition of using Party Poppers at Midnight then using the streamers on the Christmas Tree as an extra New Year decoration. We watched the fireworks in London on the TV and I rang my parents to wish them a Happy New Year.

My parents have a tradition, passed down from one of my sets of grandparents of having another Christmas Dinner on new Year’s Day. The thought behind this is knowing you have at least had one good meal in the year (my grandparents lived through the second world war). Considering the trauma of the week before we decided against this and went for Lamb. I have since decided that because Lamb is used for Easter we will in future years have beef for New Year’s Day. As you can gather I come from a family of foodies and there things matter.

New Year Flare-Up

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a good time of it during the afternoon of New Year’s Day. My IBS decided to make its presence known, the worst bout I have had for some time and I ended up in bed for the afternoon. I expected to be pretty exhausted on the second and then things should start to improve. Unfortunately, my body had other ideas and I ended up in a flare-up that is only now, over two weeks later, beginning to lift slightly. I won’t lie this isn’t the start to the year I hoped for. if you do not have Fibromyalgia and are here to learn more about it you can see this post which explains a bit about flare-ups.

Is New Year Bad for Spoonies?

While so many Bloggers and YouTubers are putting out content about getting the year started well and planning what you hope to achieve. I have been frustrated and licking myself that I haven’t done this. My first thought was that next year I will try to have suitable content ready in advance. But then, the longer the flare-up has gone on, I have realised that if I do this next year I will just be passing the same frustrations on to others who may be in a flare-up like I am now. I do think there is something important about this reset, whether it is done on 1st January or in September at the beginning of the school year. Over the coming weeks I am going to give some thought to how to embrace the momentum when you have unreliable health (and timings).

I’d love to hear from you!

If you have any thoughts about how to mark and embrace the big New Year when you are in a flare-up I would love to hear from you. Maybe next year we can all have a plan to make the most of it however our Fibro is treating us.

Pinterest sized image featuring our front door with a wreath on it and our Christmas cake I baked.

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