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What is Fibromyalgia? Who are Spoonies

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Living Creatively with Fibro | Has Fibromyalgia changed my rate of exercise title picture showing someone wearing trainers

Has Fibro changed my rate of Exercise?

ByBySusan Pearson23 Mar 20187 min read

In a nutshell, the answer has to be to a barely significant level which may come as a surprise considering…

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Living Creatively with Fibro | Not All Flare-ups are the Same

Not all Flare-ups are the Same

ByBySusan Pearson20 May 20176 min read

Today I am going to talk about Fibromyalgia Flare-Ups and in particular, my flare-ups as I am going through one.…

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Village Life Beckons Us

ByBySusan Pearson29 Aug 2019
Village Life Beckons Us
After four years of our lives being on hold now Village Life beckons us. If everything goes according to plan we may soon be in our own home!

The Unpredictability of Fibromyalgia

ByBySusan Pearson22 Aug 2019
The Unpredictability of Fibromyalgia
There is no doubt that the Unpredictability of Fibromyalgia has an impact upon your life but today I am focussing on a different unexpected change, your personality.

What is Fibromyalgia? Who are Spoonies?

ByBySusan Pearson1 Aug 2019
An image of a person with the skeleton showing through and the bones are lit up.
Are you looking for information about Fibromyalgia? Puzzled about the term Spoonie? This should give you the information you are looking for.

Doctor visits when you have Fibromyalgia

ByBySusan Pearson4 Apr 2019
Doctor visits when you have Fibromyalgia
When you have a chronic illness Doctor visits are vital, or are they? As I wait for my PIPs Assessment, it was time to be reflective and get political.