Why it couldn’t work

So we were supposed to be going on holiday on Monday however as I am still recovering a Flare-up this is simply not feasible. Luckily the holiday we booked was able to be cancelled at quite late notice without any cost. The reality is that we had planned to stay in a hotel and that would be great but a hotel room is not a practical place to be stuck if I was not up to going out. When I am in a good phase I would no doubt be able to have a couple of good days out whilst on holiday but I could not do these back to back and would need rest days in between. In a Flare-Up, I would simply not be able to do even the most basic walking required for a simple day out. When I visited Crafting Live at Doncaster last year I was in the middle of a good period and I was still completely exhausted when I got home and for a few days afterwards. The last time I visited the coast which I thought was earlier this year but was actually last May – where on earth has the time gone? I had a nice (fairly short) walk along the beach but it still took the next day to recover. The lesson has been learnt even when planning pleasure do not over aim.

Future Holiday Plans

We are hoping to get away in September for a holiday and we have decided it would be more practical to hire something like a static caravan. This would allow us to have plenty of space and resources for days that I need to rest and also you can simply open the door and be outside. Even with lifts, it can still be a bit of a journey from a hotel room to the outdoors. Is there really any point in going on holiday if you can’t even get into the fresh air and enjoy the scenery and views. Unless of course, you are visiting family or similar…

The unpredictability of your ability

Well that is a bit of a mouthful isn’t it, but the point is when planning a holiday it is difficult as you really don’t know ahead of the time how you will be able to manage. Will you have a good spell or might you have a nasty Flare-Up out of the blue? When thinking about a holiday and making plans you really need to take both possibilities into account. How I will be preparing for my next holiday:
  • Taking some mindfulness colouring with me
  • Ensuring we stay somewhere that you can get outside to a nice view in a few steps
  • Have my tablet computer so I have my Readly Magazine subscriptions to flick through
  • Take my Kindle in case I wish to relax and read.
  • Ensure any activities I want to do are really flexible and not tied down to limited opening days/times
  • Make sure there is good internet to stay connected with my fellow spoonies unless I want to go off grid for a digital detox
  • Ensure there are activities that other family members can enjoy without me if I end up having a long Flare-Up so they don’t miss out
  • Depending upon the distance between home and the holiday venue try to have the option of breaking the journey if things are really bad.
  • Don’t put any pressure on myself to be well, what will be will be and the pressure is more likely to cause a Flare-Up

Fibromyalgia and holidays

Have you had to cancel a holiday because of Fibro or Chronic Health Conditions? If so what did you learn from your experience? Have got the experience of planning a holiday with a health condition down pat? Why not drop a comment below so we can all benefit from your advice.

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