Fibromyalgia and Exercise

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Today I thought I would talk to you about Fibromyalgia and Exercise. I have covered this topic before two years ago when I discussed whether Fibromyalgia has changed my rate of exercise. In reality that post was really about mental health but it still speaks my truth.

A greater understanding

Now, two years later I have lived with and fought with Fibromyalgia and gained more experience of tackling it and I want to approach exercise from a different perspective. Concentrating less upon my back story and more upon the actual relationship between Fibro and exercise as it effects me.

Fibromyalgia Phases

I have discovered that my body tends to go through phases. In January and February I was in a flare up. Not only would I have struggled to exercise but I believe it would have been damaging to my body. All spoonies will tell you that your body knows best. It is so important to listen to it. Something has changed now it is March. It is not specifically the weather (which has a huge impact upon Fibromyalgia) because it is still cold, we had a few snowflakes a couple of days ago… I can’t even put my finger upon any one specific thing that changed, but something did, and my energy levels rose.

Actions I have taken

CBD Oil Capsules

In November I reviewed the CBD Oil Capsules from Cannacares. I found everything to be that bit easier when I was taking them, then my pain levels increased and energy levels dropped after I ran out. I purchased some for Christmas and again it all got a little bit easier. Through January and February I didn’t have any, (I was taking some Hemp Seed capsules I ordered through Amazon, but they had no CBD oil in them and made no difference whatsoever). I was able to purchase some more this month and I started to take them about two days after I felt the switch in my body. So they have considerably improved life again. If you would like to try the Capsules for yourself visit Cannacares, if you use the code CCSUSAN you can get. 30% discount. (I also get a 5% commision). * This is not a paid promotion.

Law of Attraction

Last week I ordered the Law of Attraction Planner from Amazon, after seeing some information about it on social media. You may have seen my Instagram Story about it. Although I am far more of a digital planner I wanted to see what this was all about and if it really was the life changer it is made out to be. I am only one week in but I am seriously impressed. In a way it is like therapy, by manifesting something it does not appear by magic (so far) but creates the mindset for you to achieve things. For instance I have been using an affirmation about my health and my body, to overcome beliefs I had ingrained in myself. For the last four days I have walked half a mile a day without any real problems and today I climbed into the bath to take a shower and this was less painful than it has been for months.

The introduction of Fibromyalgia and Exercise

If you have read (and watched) my journey to diagnosis, you will know that I had a bad experience with a rheumatologist during this time. He originally decided I had widespread tendonitis and gave me some exercises to do which were impossible without crippling pain. At that point my body was obviously in a flare state where exercise is impossible. I am still frustrated by his ignorance when he declared that Fibromyalgia doesn’t exist. I would either do his exercises and recover or I would not do them and stay the same (my GP at the time apologise for this). I can’t tell you how grateful I was that I had already found the Fibro Bloggers Directory. Had I gone through this experience with the rheumatologist and not been aware of a strong Fibro community where people have a great deal of experience I would have been lost and wouldn’t have had the courage to go back to the GP and explain. I will confess though, after this experience of enormous pain when doing exercises I was put of trying again for a long time.

When Doctors Get it Right

I have been a follower of Dr Mike on YouTube for some time. Yesterday I watched his latest video and he talked about a differential diagnosis. in other words, Doctors make an educated guess as to what they think is wrong based on the symptoms but review this if the recovery doesn’t go as they expect. Medicine can be a scary occupation and they do make mistakes. It is how these mistakes are rectified that is the measure of the Doctor. In fact there is only one thing I disagree with Dr Mike about and that is Essential Oils. I am not stupid, I don’t expect them to treat a Heart Attack or a Brain Tumor but I have used them very effectively with help treat headaches, stress and low level depression. Unfortunately his comments have encouraged some of his viewers to take the mickey out of the use of Essential Oils.

A change is coming

Since I began working with the Law of Attraction Book about a week ago. I have had a big break through. The use of affirmations has encouraged me to really review what I am eating, as well as to take up the most simple of all exercises, walking. Don’t get me wrong, life is not perfect. On Tuesday I had to dash (as much as a spoonie can) to the bathroom the minute we got home for an IBS hit. Yesterday it took me a long time to get up because of the black clouds and the headache they caused. But I have committed to walking for a minimum of ten minutes (unless my body flips back to flare mode) and in reality I have managed half a mile a day so this is far better than I thought I could do before I began my affirmations and taking the CBD Capsules.

Fibromyalgia and Exercise – Your Experience

Do you have Fibromyalgia and find exercise sometimes helps? Perhaps you can always exercise? Maybe it is completely beyond your reach. I would love to hear what works for you. Also if you have tried the Law of Attraction I would be fascinated to hear what if any effect it has had on your life. Do drop me a comment at the bottom or join me on social media for a chat.

Until next time,
Gentle Hugs,

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