Fibromyalgia and Autism

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Well I have just had something of a surprise to discover it is eight months since I last wrote anything here. Even worse is that I don’t know how that happened. Yes, I have Fibromyalgia and I lose anything from the odd hour to a week at a time when nothing happens. But between that, there is the time that I function. Not to the level somebody without a Chronic Illness does, but in a subdued, snails pace, kind of way. Enough to remind myself that I have some quality of life, to keep me going through the worst times.

In the last few months, when watching videos from Productivity people and reading blogs, I came across the subjects of Autism and ADHD in women. Sometimes separately and other times as cross over conditions. I was drawn to the topic when I heard somebody talking about hyper fixation. This resonated with me completely, so I investigated further.

It is very strange because this video:

gives 63 traits of autism and I recognise over half of them within me. However, another video (I have searched and I can’t find it – grrr) stated the three main signs and I don’t have any of them, or am I just masking extremely well? Consequently I keep dipping into the topic. Not that at this stage I see any need to discuss it with a Doctor, I mean the Fibromyalgia is enough, right.

I suppose we could all be on the spectrum to some degree, my husband thinks I have a touch of the neurodivergent. Completely in an interested supported way, not as a judgement. I think the nearest we have ever got to having a row (years ago now) was because I was fixated on finishing something before we left the house, for a casual purpose not a timed calendar event. He could see that it was something I could easily finish when we got back.

All of that was to explain why I have fallen behind in all my writing. I have been fixated on various interests and research. What I have never thought about though, is could there be any relationship between or interconnectivity of Fibromyalgia and Autism. Do you have both? If so I would love to hear from you and gain an insight into your experience.

Recent Fixations

Out of interest some of the internet rabbit holes I have been falling down recently are:

Personal Colours

This is a subject I have been interested in for years. I first read the Colour Me Beautiful book well over twenty years ago. At that point I decided I was a Spring. Having delved into videos, colour charts and all sorts of media related to the topic recently I now believe I am a Soft Autumn. This was a useful video that helped me. Ironically although I enjoy the subject. Given the fact that I scarcely leave the house and 95% of the time I have to live in pyjamas. The article Softly does it Dressing with Fibro explains more about this. It is not really a good use of my precious time. I guess I can make sure I get the best colour PJs next time I order online though.

Craft Room Makeovers

I have been raking the internet trying to find useful hacks to make the best of the space in my Croffice (Craftroom/Office). The biggest bulk of videos are from our friends in America whose rooms are about four times the size of mine. I have learnt to add the word small or even tiny into the query. The biggest lesson here seems to be that Crafting and Buying Craft Materials are two separate hobbies and I am far more active with the second one. This led me down the decluttering and minimising route. Time to be honest, if I have had something for over a decade and never used it, will I ever? However, I have been bitten by this in the past and got rid of things that then within a year come back around again… One day I will have a pretty but practical room with just the correct amount of stuff in it!


Having gone quiet on it for a few months I have in the last couple of weeks been busy on WikiTree again. I talk about WikiTree on my sister blog Creative Fibro’s Digital World on the Post WikiTree Review – Linking up Genealogists.  My problem with Wikitree is actually one of the blessing of it, the aim is to create one big tree. So, when using my own software I try not to go any further than first cousins of somebody that has married into my family. On WikiTree I get carried away any think I will just keep going until I bump into someone else’s segment. Especially if it is a family that stayed within an area and had good records available. At least this will hopefully help someone else.

My Obsidian Second Brain

I am actually impressed with myself here. As someone who loves apps and productivity and can be impressed with shiny object syndrome. I am still busy Growing my Second Brain.    I have been using the software for a bit over a year now and have not wanted to ditch it for something else. I have added other tools for specific purposes though. I’ll talk about them soon enough.

So, all of this brings you up to date with what has been going on with my head and my life. I will do my best to get back to writing more frequently, but can’t promise a schedule. If you like what you see I recommend subscribing, then you will receive an email when I post something.

Until next time,
Gentle Hugs,

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