I have brought up the issue of Hyperhidrosis or excess sweating a few times on this site. Probably most recently in the Fibromyalgia is not just Fibromyalgia post in June. But today I wanted to discuss a particular aspect of Hyperhidrosis which is a lot less familiar. The issue of sweating being caused by your brain’s activity.

Hyperhidrosis Overview

Information about this condition is quite widely available, here is what the NHS have to say about it. In a nutshell, it is a condition that causes someone to sweat much more than the usual level which I  seem to remember reading somewhere a while ago is up to a litre a day. Interestingly none of the information on the NHS page applies to me, not the reasons for the sweating or the possible causes. I had a little more luck on the Hyperhidrosis UK website where they at least mention some of the areas I tend to sweat the most, for instance, the back. But on their list of other conditions that can cause it, they do not list Fibromyalgia and yet the Internet Search engines are full of people discussing the link.

Hyperhidrosis arrived with Fibromyalgia

For me, the two conditions arrived at about the same time. One cause listed is Obesity and yes, I fall into that category but I have done for many years without experiencing anything more than natural sweating. Drug Addiction is listed and I am taking this to mean prescription or over the counter drugs because I have no knowledge of any other kind. If that was the case the sweating wouldn’t have started until I had been on the medication for a while, but it kicked in pretty much straight away. As with many elements of the Fibromyalgia Syndrome, it defies logical explanation.

Creative Sweating

Although I can have the sweat breakouts in many situations. During the night is a very common one and washing up is a logical one as my hands are in hot water. Not that I can do that as often as I would like. I have been very interested (and frustrated) to discover that when my brain is engaged in creative situations I tend to break out into a sweat. I can be sitting at my craft desk concentrating on some colouring in and I am having to stop and mop my brow and the back of my t-shirt is drenched even though the room was cool enough to need a heater on. I can be playing around with some eyeshadow effects and my forehead is soaking wet even though I have just powdered it. Once again I am concentrating. I have considered that this may be postural as in both cases I am sitting leaning forward but I can duplicate the position without the concentration and I remain bone dry. So the sweating seems to be linked to mental activity. Under the emotional umbrella, nervousness is well documented to cause sweating, you can read more about this on the Calm Clinic Website but I am struggling to find research into Hyperhidrosis caused by concentration, whether creative or otherwise.

Hyperhidrosis combined with Sensitive Skin

As always with Fibromyalgia, there are complications. Last week I talked about the fact that I have developed Sensitive Skin alongside the Fibro. In part, the sensitivity is exacerbated by the sweating. For instance, if I have been sweating on my forehead for any amount of time it can begin to sting from the sodium. Of course, my change in skin care products I talked about last week has made a big difference to this. Another change I have just made is swapping my Deodorant. I picked up some Bionsen Aluminium Free roll-on from Tesco and my underarms have been a lot more comfortable since then. I have almost been tempted to try wearing it on my forehead and back but couldn’t quite bring myself to do that. Do you use deodorant in less obvious places and have you found it beneficial? If so do drop a comment below or get in contact on one of my social media channels. I’d love to know how that is working for you.
In general Fibro news, it has been a bit of a bad week, on Thursday I had a colossal headache that saw me take to my bed. I have days when I am not up to doing very much and have easy sofa days but things have to be bad for me to actually go to bed. If I am honest I really thought there was a good chance I could end up back in the hospital but luckily I pulled around and felt better when I awoke at about 4 am on Friday morning.  You don’t need any details but that other bedfellow of Fibro namely IBS has been giving me a good run for my money too, however, I still wanted to make sure I had something published for you.

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