For any fans of musicals out there the theme tune for the last week has been “It’s too darn hot” from Kiss Me Kate, yes we have had a Heat Wave (a rare thing in the UK), and the temperature has both wreaked havoc with my body and been a bit expensive! Why expensive? I hear you ask. Well, bare with me!

Preparing for an Expedition

The easiest way to tackle this is to give you a bit of an insight into my week. Those of you who follow me on social media will know that I went out for a walk on Saturday (5th May) so because of that, we had to have our Tesco Groceries delivered on Friday evening instead of Saturday morning. It is also worth pointing out that we are creatures of habit. We have about seven or eight different weekday dinners we choose from and two or three options for a Saturday evening. Sunday is pretty much always a roast dinner. Adventurous – no, but it works for us. So, to get our shopping on Friday evening, we put the order together on Thursday. So far so normal.
Living Creatively with Fibro | An image of a professionally cooked chicken meal

A typical hot meal that has been neither cooked or eaten in this household.

To continue with the story, let’s fast-track past Friday when the food arrived and went into the fridge and cupboards without a fuss to Saturday.

The Great Expedition

On Saturday we walked! Let’s put this in some perspective for you. There is the walking between rooms that I can do at any time. Walking around a shop that is manageable occasionally on a good day and then there was this walk! We headed over to St. Aidan’s Nature Reserve which is about a 30-minute drive from home, this has been opened relatively recently to the public, and until Michael found it during a web search we knew nothing about it. The Good news is it is relatively flat with a functional pathway.
Living Creatively with Fibro | A golden pathway leading out between grass with a beautiful clear blue sky above
We arrived relatively early in the morning (in spoonie time). The sun was lovely and not too hot, certainly not a heat wave at this point and there was a bit of a breeze.
Living Creatively with Fibro | An selfie of me with my hair blowing in the wind

Action shot, my hair is blowing in the wind!

It was lovely being out in the countryside walking. I naturally took my hat with me and wore sunscreen although I still managed to get a little bit burned during the walk. While we were walking there was thankfully several benches to sit and rest, and we enjoyed to a chorus of birdsong. It was so perfect that I recorded a short video of it to share with you all.

Lost in the Wild

A short while after recording the video things began to go wrong. It appears I have forgotten the Map reading Training I received as a Brownie Leader. Having Fibro Fog which can explain away a multitude of sins but in reality, can’t be blamed for this… I’m not sure what excuse Michael is going with, we haven’t compared notes ?. Let us say that we ended up on an overgrown pathway up a slightly steep hill. The path got gradually worse, so we decided to turn back onto the flat ground and find another way. As well as getting a bit lost my heels decided to develop blisters. No, we didn’t have a first aid kit with us, apologies again to the Guide Association – what went wrong with me! Just when my legs began to say enough is enough, we needed to stop and have some water and top up the sun lotion. The heat wave was kicking in. We neared a bench when two young people got off their bicycles to sit on it. The nerve of it! They looked like a lovely young couple. In honesty, if I had explained my predicament, they would probably have let me sit down.

Grabbing a much-needed rest

Being me though I didn’t. We walked on to the next bench and had a drink, rest and some sunscreen applied. At this point, I noticed how far it was back to the entrance. Can you see the distance from this photo? I can’t tell.
Living Creatively with Fibro | A view across the fields to the entranceway in the heat wave

Melting in the Heat Wave

The lack of anything to scale the image doesn’t show how far it was to go still but trust me it was about a mile and a quarter. The last part of it was the steepest too, and it was getting hot, hot, hot! I refused to moan in such a beautiful surrounding though so I gritted my teeth and kept going with my feet on fire, my hips and knees aching and my calves feeling numb. I couldn’t help but wishing I could be towed back though. Did I ask someone? Yes, but they turned their back on me.
Living Creatively with Fibro | A Graceful scan swimming by

That’s right swim away, don’t mind me struggling!

One way or another we made it back up to the reception/shop and never before have I enjoyed a Calypso so much. Once we had rested for a while, it was time to be heading home, and we called in at a supermarket on the way back to get some blister plasters and some salad.

An Enduring Heat Wave

The expectation living in England was that the temperature would have dropped by Sunday. It didn’t. Weighing things up, I’m not sure which lasted longer the stiffness and pain in my body or the heat wave.   It was a close call. Recently I wrote about coping with Fibromyalgia and changes in temperature. The expensive bit? Due to the crazy temperatures, there was no way we could consider cooking in our little flat, so we found ourselves living of salad and nibbles for several days. On Wednesday, when we could finally consider using heat again. It was a complete shock to see several of the pieces of meat and savouries in the fridge were out of date. Probably about £20 worth! The lessons we learnt from this include: check the expiry on things, Tesco should notify you of short-dated produce but often don’t! If the weather goes crazily hot (or cold) and you need to change your food plans. Consider what you can move into the freezer before adding the new foods to the fridge. Instead of pushing them to the back.
In case you missed it I explained my new publishing schedule last week, so do go and check that out. Believe it or not, we have another (shorter) walk planned for tomorrow. No heatwave, please!

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