Today I want to talk about women. According to the National Fibromyalgia Association, 75-90% of people with Fibromyalgia are women as reported by the Fibromyalgia Syndrome website.

I have previously talked about the importance of work when you have Fibromyalgia, however, I wrote this post after having a long streak of me rather than the Fibromyalgia winning.  I am now over a month into the Fibro taking control and I am approaching this subject from a different perspective.

It has been my long term wish to eventually develop my blog from an informational and creative fun space into the foundations of a business and I hadn’t really put any sort of date stamp on this. Fibromyalgia though is upping the pace somewhat!

As anyone with a chronic health condition will tell you one of the worst aspects of living with it is the total unpredictability of when pain or exhaustion will be manageable and when it will not. As an employee this is not a comfortable position to be in, the simple fact is that although no-one can give a guarantee as to their health and ability to work when you have a chronic health condition this is much harder still. Symptoms can flare up at the drop of a hat without any of the “coming down with something” warning symptoms.

Some people with Fibromyalgia are seriously ill enough to not even be able to consider any sort of work, I hope I never get to that point. Many others though take matters into their own hands and this post is a celebration of them.

A celebration of FEW

From 21st to 28th June it is Female Entrepreneur Week (FEW), yes it is a generous week. Female Entrepreneur’s from around the world are going to come together virtually to celebrate FEW. For women with chronic health conditions embracing their inner entrepreneur is a fantastic way to ensure you can remain productive on your terms.

Just think:
  • Working when you are well enough to do so
  • Not having to inform anyone when you are not
  • Finding a money-making venture that is not physically taxing
  • Taking a “holiday” spontaneously when you need to recharge
  • Being in control of your finances and working as hard as you need or want to
  • Working in your own space in comfort and away from workplace bugs
  • Virtually collaborating and networking with compatible entrepreneurs without the business trip
Does this excite you, I know it does me!  That is why I am going to participate in Female Entrepreneur Week as much as I am physically able considering I am trying to recover from a nasty series of Flare-Ups If it has grabbed your attention why not head over to FEW and sign up.

What to expect from FEW (Meet the crew)

Here are some of the fabulous training courses you will have access to during FEW:
  • Pump up your profits: Turn your dreams of consistent $5k months into your business reality – with Business Coach, Nadia Finer.
  • Connect with your Ideal Client – your first steps to selling – with Laura Robinson, digital copyrighter & founder of  The Worditude Club.
  • Scale up – Leverage your time and expertise with a membership site – with Colin Pal from Thinkific.
  • Be the Boss of your Business Finances – with Jo Simpson, founder of the Financial Growth Academy.
  • Tuesday 27th Become an Influencer – Develop your reputation as an expert using PR – with PR Coach & founder of The Publicity Program Becs Miller.
  • Build a Buzz – Use Facebook ads to attract an audience and new customers – with Facebook ads guru Caroline Wood.
  • Branding Essentials with graphic designer and founder of Designta Louise Clark.
If you are even considering the idea of creating your own financial future what are you waiting for head over to FEW and sign up now! Fibro willing I may see you in this cyber celebration of women and business.

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