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Living Creatively with Fibro | Fairy Wishes on my Craft Desk

Fairy Wishes Embossing Folder and Stamp Set

The Details

Where did it come from

Papercraft Essentials Issue 143

When did I get it

February 2017

When did I try it

2nd August 2017

First quick impression

This is a really sweet set. Fairies are one of the categories I always enjoy working with. They seem to belong to that world of things that I enjoyed as a child, grew out of during my teenage years and then reverted back to in adulthood. A group that includes Disney and the colour pink and pretty, sparkly things. Is it just me or can you relate to that too? Let’s be honest if I hadn’t been drowning in my craft stash I think I would have played with this much sooner than this.

Living Creatively with Fibro | Regulars skip on you know how I test my stamps

Testing the Stamps

To test out new stamps I always use my Tim Holtz Stamping Platform. I know there are other platforms available but when I came to the point that I knew I needed one I did a load of research into the different features of them all and decided this was the right one for me. You can read my post about it.  Why did I need one? With the Fibromyalgia (not to mention a bonus gift of some Arthritis in my hands) I could no longer rely on my hands to get a clean even print with stamps. I was increasingly finding I was not getting good results, even with the Rocker Blockers which always guaranteed this before. The benefit of a stamping platform is that for whatever reason you do not get a clean impression you can simply re-ink and go again and you are guaranteed to be exactly in the same spot. Even the best eyes can be slightly off and then you risk shadowing.

I also always use Archival Ink to test stamps that come as free gifts with magazines. They are usually made from a different material to the one used by a lot of the major brands which means that if you use a dye based ink like Memento the ink can pool on the stamp and give a really bad impression.  You can see exactly what I mean in this test of a fairy stamp. Archival Ink does not pool like this and I get to really test the stamp properly.

Fairy Wishes Stamped

Stamped Verdict

The majority of the stamps behaved well. The fairy silhouette on the left has a lower section of the dress that wouldn’t stamp properly, however hard I tried the ink remained on the stamp. Having a closer look it seems like there is a thin layer of the stamp missing. These manufacturing problems can happen to anyone at any time. Had it been a stamp set I had bought (and tested sooner!) I’m sure I would have been able to exchange it. The fairy on the right also has a few tiny missing bits and the centre of the bouquet struggled to stamp well. It is easy for a new stamper to have problems with stamps and assume it is you at fault, not the stamps or tools.The next thing to do is to try out the embossing folder.

Fairy Wishes Embossed Image

Embossing Folder Thoughts

I really like the look of the Embossing Folder it is just a simple Dandelion Clock but an effective design. I embossed it onto basic white cardstock in my Gemini and it came out really well which encouraged me to have a go at colouring the raised section with some Nuvo Embellishment Mousse (Lilac Lavender)  I usually have no problem doing this with a simple sponge applicator.

Fairy Wishes Embossed and Coloured Image

How did that turn out

Well, I don’t know what you think but I am not very pleased with the results, especially on the stem where the mousse has drifted off the stem onto the surrounding area. It is strange I can see this look on other people’s projects and it just gives a shabby chic look but when it happens on my projects it looks like a mistake. I guess you need the overall effect of a whole project for that style to work. When I felt the raised design it seemed to be more raised in some parts than others so that may have explained it.I have ordered the ArtC Momenta Groove Tool from Create and Craft which they launched on Sunday so it will be interesting to see if this embossing folder will colour flawlessly with that.

The Verdict

Part of my ongoing decluttering project (read about it here) is to try and reduce the amount of crafting goodies I have. Even though I like these stamps (even with the imperfections) I already have others that are quite similar. Including these three.

Living Creatively with Fibro | Similar stamp sets to the Fairy Wishes

So I have decided that I need to liberate the stamps for someone else to appreciate. The harder decision is the Embossing Folder because I do not have a similar one to that. Part of my brain is thinking I should let it go with the stamps then someone else can appreciate the whole bundle. Then another part of me is thinking that it may come in useful… So I think I may well do what I am trying to avoid doing and sit on the fence for a while. Perhaps wait for the Groove tool to arrive and see if I can perfectly colour the embossed design with it and if so I will keep the embossing folder on its own and if not sell the whole set on. I think I may just have arrived at a decision!

Sorry, there is no card made with this post but generally speaking unless I have things that I really want to use up I will only be making cards with the stash that I am keeping. When the Groove has arrived I will update this with another image to see how it manages.

Until next time,
Gentle Hugs,

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