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This week I have spent some time playing with my Colorista pens and pad. There is something so relaxing about colouring in, in fact, Mind recommends getting creative as a way of relaxing for people suffering from mental health problems. As someone with Fibromyalgia depression is on my own shopping list of symptoms and has at times reared its head.

I have a lot of colouring materials

It is fair to say that I own a number of different colouring mediums and this includes items from eight different sets of marker pens. Over the coming months, I will tell you more about each of these – any why I have so many sets! Today though I am focusing on the Colorista set.

What are Colorista Pens

The Colorista pens are alcohol markers, for anyone not familiar with them the best way to explain what an alcohol pen is, involves telling you the difference between these and standard felt tips. Can you remember colouring in when you were younger using felt tips? If so you will probably remember the streaked finish you probably ended up with, however careful you were with the pens. One of the main differences between alcohol markers and standard ones is that alcohol pens allow the ink to blend seamlessly, not a single streak in sight.

Where to find Colorista Pens

Alcohol markers come in all shapes and sizes by many manufacturers with pens ranging from about £1 to £3 each. Spectrum Noir makes three of the sets I have invested in and have a great reputation as creators of affordable pens. It is Spectrum Noir who make the Colorista set. The best place to get Colorista pens is Crafter’s Companion and you can see there full range if you follow the link.

Who are Colorista Pens For

These pens were designs specifically for adult colouring rather than artists or advanced crafters. They come in six different sets of five pens priced at just £6.99 per set which makes them affordable for most people.

What to colour with your pens

There are also Colorista image pads available to go with the marker pens. Again I have provided a link to Crafter’s Companion where you can see further details of the pads and find out the current price. I have three of these.

Exquisite Florals which has special areas of colourable glitter, I have used this in the post photo and you can see the close up of the glitter on the flowers which looks really pretty.

Living Creatively with Fibro | Spectrum Noir Colorista Images

I also have the Under the Sea Pad which has, as you might image, images of fish and starfish and as I have coloured below seahorses.

Living Creatively with Fibro | Spectrum Noir Colorista Images
Colorista Under the Sea

You can see my full gallery of Colorista mindful colouring here if you are looking for more examples and inspiration.

If you have not tried either the Colorista Pens or the Pads I can very much recommend them. The paper quality in the pads is fantastic far superior to the colouring books of old. I have noticed since getting my Colorista products that they have now brought out a set of Christmas holiday-themed pens and pads. Back in December, I asked if they were going to produce some Christmas pads for holiday colouring on their Facebook page where they said it was a great idea, so who knows maybe my suggestion came into being. I think they will be on my wish list for this Christmas that is for sure!

Colorista Pencils are also available

The range also comprises of Colorista Pencils which I have not purchased or tried as I already have other pencil sets including ones from Spectrum Noir and to be honest, I use marker pens more often than pencils. As well as the Fibromyalgia I also have Arthritis in my hands and the pencils are harder to hold for any length of time as they are so much thinner than the pens. For anyone who loves using coloured pencils, there are now Metalic pencils available and a new set of Spectrum Noir Dark pads, the results look breathtaking.

What else does the Colorista range consist of?

The final items in the range at the present include card blanks complete with images for colouring your own greetings cards and rubber stamps with both background and elements featured.

Why should I buy the Colorista range?

Whether you are considering becoming a crafter, interested in exploring adult colouring for mindful purpose or just curious about what the big fuss is all about I can totally recommend the Colorista range to get started with. They are affordable for the average person and come in small even more affordable sets so you can build up a collection slowly if you are on a tight budget. There is a great range of colours and they are appropriately named so even a novice coloured will be inspired to get creative.

Do let me know below if you have tried these pens and love them or even better if you have been inspired to give colouring go.

Until next time,
Gentle Hugs,

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