Although I only talked about Evernote in January in the Midweek Minimise Drowning in Paperwork post, it made sense to give Evernote a place in my Digital Organisation series. I will try not to repeat the last post if I can help it though because I don’t want to bore you. Since January there has been a change in how I import paper into Evernote thanks to this beast of a machine:

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Gaining my new All in One

I got it in February partly as a birthday present but with more money added to it. I had wanted a printer for a while that could print on A3, and the fact it can not only sheet-feed scan duplex but also send it directly to Evernote was a significant plus. Having owned a Brother ScanNCut for some time I am impressed by their updates. Let’s be honest, Canon the makers of my existing Pixma MG5350 charged considerably more for a printer that would just print A3 never mind these extra bonuses, so it was an easy decision. There is not an awful lot of space in this flat, but it has been worth its allocation!

What is Evernote?

Let’s face it Evernote has been around for quite some time; it has also been part of my digital organisation for many years. I know that some of you will know all about it, but others may not be so aware, so I apologise if I am teaching anyone how to suck eggs at any point.

Evernote is at its most basic a note-taking system, but it would do it a massive disservice to leave it there. A note can be a quickly scribbled reminder, but Evernote can hold images, tables, audio files links to websites or other records, it is, let’s face it, a digital filing cabinet. Evernote also plays nicely with other apps which increases its usefulness even more.

My Evernote Set up

I have a relatively small selection of notebooks in Evernote because I supplement the notes within them with tags which allow me to organise them very efficiently. Some of the Notebooks are shared with Michael so we can both see them, these include:

  • Filing (things from Banks, Businesses, Tax information etc.)
  • Cards Received (a scan of those we have received or exchanged for a sentimental reminder)
  •  Home & House Keeping (User Manuals, household hints and tips to remember etc.)
  • Wish List (Hints for Birthday or Christmas gifts for each other)
  • Entertainment (Films we want to watch where we are with box sets and TV series)

I then have some notebooks that are my own and not shared with Michael

  • Craft Gallery (a scan of some the cards I have made for people as a reminder)
  • Craft Inspiration (scans of pages from magazines with ideas to try etc.)
  • Craft Inventory (a record of what craft products I have here is a good tutorial on YouTube to create one)
  • Entrepreneur (productivity, blogging advice etc.)
  • Current Projects (explanation to follow)

The beauty of Evernote is that it is available on every platform so if I go to something like a craft fair I can bring up my Craft inventory on my phone and make sure I am not purchasing something I already have.


How Evernote Integrates

As previously mentioned Evernote is fantastic for integrating with other apps so here are examples of how I use it with the other apps I have discussed in recent weeks:

Evernote and Active Inbox

I first talked about ActiveInbox the extension I used to mastermind my Gmail, Email is a great correspondence tool you can contact anyone for any purpose. Sometimes that purpose is just to provide you with some information or documentation. You want to keep the information but do you need it sitting in an email taking up space,  it’s not the ideal place to look for it, is it, so any reference based email I receive I forward to Evernote. There are various ways to do this, but the simplest is to use the Evernote email address you are supplied with and just forward it there. It lands in the folder of choice, in my case the Inbox where you can label it and file it away. Have I mentioned Evernote is also intelligent enough to read the text in PDF’s so you can just type some words into the search box and it will find the correct note? Clever!

Evernote and Trello

The next Application I talked about was Trello. I use Trello to plan all of my blog and personal projects and tasks. Although you can put quite a lot of detail into one card on Trello if there is plenty of research needed I prefer to link an Evernote document to the Trello Card. I do this using the Evernote Power Up in Trello. If the project is something, I am working on like a blog post or an organisation project the linked notes go into the Current Projects Folder I mentioned in my folder list. If it is a long-term plan, for instance, a card on the Forever Home board on Trello it will be in a Future Projects Folder I didn’t mention. I can, therefore, look through these within the Evernote app or click the link within the card in Trello which takes me straight to the relevant note.

Evernote and Todoist

The Evernote and Todoist combination is my least used one but I need not do anything about it because IFTTT manages it. You may remember in the Todoist post I have the filter entitled ‘Gaining Karma’. This list contains a selection of tasks I can do once I have completed my allocation for the day. If I complete any items from that list, it sends a record to Evernote into my ‘Entrepreneur’ Folder with the tag ‘Productive Day’  it automatically adds the date to any note I create so this provides a quick way of seeing when I have good days and the activities I did on them.

Try Evernote

I have the Premium version of Evernote, and I think it is worth the money, but there is a free version. The main difference is less storage space, and you can only synchronise your account over two devices, i.e. a mobile phone and a laptop. The ability to read PDF’s I mentioned is also a premium feature, but you can see the complete details for yourself here:

Living Creatively with Fibro | The difference between the levels of Evernote account

If you do not have an Evernote account and this tempts you to get one I would be grateful if you used this link or one of my others on this page because by referring a friend I get to extend my premium account by a month.  I am not the only one that benefits though because you get a free month of the premium level too!

I hope you have found this overview of not just Evernote, but how Evernote can work with other applications useful.

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