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Dovecraft Fairy Wishes

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Today I am giving you a look at the Dovecraft Fairy Wishes stamp set that comes with Cardmaking and Papercraft Issue 196 (June 2019), there is also a cardmaking kit with it. For the first time in ages, I am back testing products that come with craft magazines. What can I say? When you are a spoonie and you receive several magazines every month it is easy to get behind. The minute you take a break a pile forms. The long and short of it is that my Scan N Cut is being held prisoner by a wall of magazines and I want it back. So it is time for me to get reading and trying out the goodies.

Living creatively with fibro |An image of my stack of craft magazines blocking the Scan N Cut

Dovecraft Stamps

I will not lie, when I saw these stamps I had mixed feelings. On one hand, I like the designs, particularly the two fairies and the floral corner. However, they are by Dovecraft and if you remember my experience with their Lace Stamps back in 2016. I had real problems, and I have avoided the brand since.

Testing the Stamps

To test the stamps, I used my Tim Holtz Stamping Platform, available from Amazon *affiliate link. Since I have had Fibromyalgia I could not stamp without using this platform. Although I would often use Versafine ink for images like these, I used my Ranger Archival Ink because I wasn’t sure how to colour them. I will be totally honest, I was not expecting much, but as you can see they stamped beautifully.

Living Creatively with Fibro | An image of the Dovecraft Fairy wishes stamps all stamped crystal clear in black ink

Colouring the Images

To colour the images, I used the Hunkydory Prism Watercolour Pencils I told you about last October. Because I was colouring small images all the knowledge I have gained through adult colouring went out of the window. I coloured each section with one colour! However, at least this wasn’t for a card, just for my use!

Living Creatively with Fibro | the coloured Dovecraft Fairy wishes stamps coloured in soft watercolours including purple butterflies

As a Spoonie, I think it will be no surprise that I coloured the butterflies purple. One of the silver linings of having Fibromyalgia is that the symbol (the purple butterfly) is in one of my favourite colours. In case you are wondering, my next favourites are aqua and candyfloss pink, followed by all the other pastel colours.

My verdict of the Dovecraft Fairy Wishes Stamps

I like these stamps therefore this stamp set has made it into my collection, for now at least. If you have read my post about Evernote, you know that I am creating a digital catalogue of all my crafting inventory. The image I have coloured and shared with you above it perfect to scan in to this notebook. I then added the tags: fairies, butterflies, flowers, Make a Wish and With Love. Although it takes time to put this digital notebook together, it is a great way to browse through my stash.

Let’s hope it won’t take me another year to write the next post about testing magazine gifts. If I want to get to my Scan N Cut before Christmas I need to crack on don’t I! Remember, if you are looking to see my creative work I regularly show this on my social media accounts, it doesn’t always make it to a blog post. 

Until next time,
Gentle Hugs,

Living Creatively with Fibro | The coloured fairy images


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