You may remember back in August 2016 I talked about my dilemma concerning using paper-based diaries as a “digital by default” person. I briefly tried keeping a digital journal but this didn’t work for me so this year I have decided to embrace paper-based systems to Document the Year, don’t get me wrong these are not instead of the digital ones but in addition to them.

So how does it all work together? I hear you asking, are you not double handling? I can tell you are wondering. Well, the answer is I don’t think so no.  Here is how I plan to use it all together.


Google Calendar: I have this synchronised across my computer, tablet and phone. All the places I need to be are recorded in here, time spent at work, medical appointment etc.

Remember the Milk: This is once again synchronised across all my digital devices I use it to remind me to do chores such as ordering repeat prescriptions, filling up my tablet box, renew subscriptions etc. things that really need to be done by a certain day at the latest but not at a specific time exactly or it would be on the calendar.

Hobbycraft Butterfly Planner

 Hobbycraft Butterfly Planner: I searched high and low to find a planner that was both useful and attractive enough to encourage me to use it I must have looked at over 100 and this one won!  This is used to plan things like cards I need to make and genealogy research I want to do, Mindfulness colouring, Organising and decluttering. Things without a specific deadline that I am purposefully choosing to spend my time doing rather than the things that need to be done which go in Remember the Milk.

Love & Sweet Tea Planner

Blog Planner: I have discovered this great blog planner from the website Love and Sweet Tea. Natosha created it because she had searched high and low for a planner to manage her blog and had not found a suitable one anywhere. I really liked what I saw and purchased a digital download of it. If I want my blog to be successful, I have to invest in it right? The fact this post has been written ahead of time and scheduled to post means that I am already benefiting from it!



An image of my journal
The matching bookmark for my journal

Everyday Life: As with the butterfly planner, I looked at several journals before I found one that I really liked but this Hummingbird journal by Peter Pauper Press really grabbed my attention, not least because it is a purple design which is one of my favourite colours. It has good quality paper and lightly lined writing pages which are acid-free. There is a pocket inside the back cover to keep any important reminders and an elastic band to keep it together. I also ordered the matching bookmark to easily find my page as the book gets fuller.

Pain Companion: This is an android app that is good for recording pain, I have had an account since September and have to confess I haven’t used it nearly enough. To enable me to answer the questions the doctors are likely to ask I need to know what is happening with my Fibromyalgia, therefore, it is one of my missions this year to keep a better record of my symptoms. We all know that when Fibro Fog kicks in the memory becomes totally unreliable.

Weight: This is a new one that I plan to kick off on Saturday 7/1/17, I watched my DIY Weight Loss diary by Amy J on Youtube and was really inspired. I know that weight loss will be a difficult journey. Exercise is impossible in my current situation unless you count everyday necessities like walking up two flights of stairs to our flatlet. Dieting is difficult due to avoiding things that upset my gall bladder or my I.B.S. or I simply don’t like, don’t get me wrong I am not completely faddy but we all have things we would rather not eat don’t we?  However, there are small steps I can make and even if I only achieve two stone in a year it is still two stone in the right direction, therefore, I am going to hop on Amazon Prime and order myself a book to create my own “getting healthier” journal. Yes, it is going to include weight loss but also include things like removing toxins etc… Pepsi Max needs to become a treat not the normal….

So there you have it, my planned journey through 2017. I will give you an update each month to let you know how I get on.

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