Welcome back. For those of you on the ball, you will remember that I mentioned I did something exciting last week. I think I pretty much gave it away with the blog title, didn’t I? Yes, I went to Crafting Live at Doncaster. For anyone who has been with me since last year what a year it has been. I have a confession to make I was so busy being “in the moment” that I didn’t get any photos – epic fail. However, I can tell you all about the day.

How I got my tickets

One of the most exciting parts of the event is that I won tickets for Michael and me to go. So I need to say a big thank you at this point to Jamie at MDFit for running the competition. Jamie is a new vendor at Crafting Live Doncaster and that has quite a lot to do with Hayley of Dreamees fame who I first met in person last year (here is the post) it only took a few minutes spent in his company to see that Jamie is every bit as lovely as Hayley and I hope MDFit proves to be every bit as successful as the wonderful Dreamees. Note to self, looking at last years photo of Hayley and me, different outfits same physiques. Perhaps by next year, I may have found some healthy foods that agree with my stomach and some gentle exercise the Fibromyalgia will let me do!

Crafting Live

Preparing for the Journey

Before heading down there we popped to the local Toby Carvery for Breakfast (well I say popped, Spoonies don’t really pop anywhere do they). It made life a bit easier not having to worry about preparing and food as cereal doesn’t really cut it for a day like this) I’ll be honest I have not had many bad experiences at the Toby but the breakfast wasn’t the best I have had, the scrambled eggs were particularly unappetising – however lets get on to the good stuff.

Arriving at the venue

This was one of those rare days when I really wish I had a Blue Badge because it was a bit of a trek from the car park to the venue. I’m glad this is a once in a year journey to make. That is something I will look into with time but I don’t really go out very much so have no need of one the majority of the time.  However, a great big candy store full of crafty goodness awaited so I pushed through and made it in!

Where to begin

Once we had got through the ticket area and the foyer where I naturally had a bit of a rubberneck at Andy and Loen setting up for the Create and Craft filming we arrived into the main hall. This is the point where the following exchange happened which I’m sure maybe familiar if not certainly amusing.

Michael: Which stalls do you want to go to? Me: I want to see everything!

So we did have a good nosy around and Michael earned copious husband points waiting patiently for me to ooh and ahh over everything whilst trying to work out where I could get some bargains.

What did I buy?

Crafty Devils

My 1st purchase was from Crafty Devils where I bought the Nuvo light mist spray bottles because I am really keen to do more creative backgrounds. I need to discover if I can do messy crafts without getting my hands messy… watch this space. To compliment this (and because I needed to spend £10 or more to use my card) I bought a Woodware Hot Stuff Mat because I currently only have an off cut from one and I don’t like getting my glass mat dirty. I’d rather do the messy part then lift the mat out of the way and continue on the glass mat rather than constantly having to do full clean ups in between.


Well, I couldn’t stop by Jimmy’s stand without making a purchase, could I? I think it’s pretty obvious what I bought there, isn’t it? MDF! I got a large ring for creating a reef for our flatlet door. This is actually to make an autumnal one as I already have a Christmas one and really miss it when it isn’t there so I thought I would make them with items like Dreamees flowers and have one for each of the other Seasons. As Summer is well and truly here I decided I would begin with Autumn. I can always get two more rings if the Autumn one goes well… again watch this space.  I also got some snowflakes a couple of words and some plaques for a special project.

The Stamp Hut

 At the Stamp Hut, I spotted some of the Distress Oxide Inks that I mentioned I wanted to try in my Ink Pad Round Up post. I intended to buy one to give it a go, however, I really couldn’t choose which colour to go with so I ended up buying four – it happens, I’m sure I would have been buying them sooner or later…

BJ Crafts

This was my total impulse purchase, one of the ladies from Imagination Crafts was doing a demonstration and I was blown away by how lovely the projects were. Six stencils, 3 jars of Alcamy Wax and a pot of Diamond Sparkle Medium later and I backed away slowly from this heavenly money magnet of a stand. I will have to do a post about Alcamy Wax in comparison to Inka Gold Wax, Cosmic Shimmer Sparkle Texture Paste and Nuvo Embellishment Mousse which I already have but probably haven’t made the most of yet.

My final purchase was some Craft UK 7″ x 7″ white card blanks and envelopes and I can’t actually remember which stall I bought theses from but was pleased to see it was a much cheaper price than over the internet. I probably should have stocked up on extra sizes but tend to just buy a pack when the previous is running low due to lack of storage space – or too much stash depending how you look at it 🙂

What didn’t I buy

I didn’t actually buy any Dreamees products this year but that is simply because I tend to buy the sets on Create and Craft launch day so pretty much have everything I want and certainly more than I have used yet. I didn’t buy any new Hunkydory products for a similar reason. If I’m honest I can’t afford to keep up with all their new products but did have a bit of a splurge on the Christmas Blockbuster, Christmas Craftstacks and the Christmas Deco-large sets all in one month. I must try and resist buying more Hunkydory until I have used some more of my stash.


On our way out we collected the free gift for having pre bought tickets, this was a papercrafting kit which features some traditional images that are right up my street and some more modern ones that are less so. We then made our weary way back to the car where we had a nice sit down with the air conditioning running full pelt whilst we drank our bottles of water and got some feeling back in our feet before Michael drove us home.

The Aftermath

The evening was spent pretty much on the sofa and dinner was provided courtesy of a Pizza delivery firm, I’m not quite sure how Michael made it down the two flights of stairs and back up again to collect it from the door, I know I couldn’t have! On Sunday morning I was really stiff anyone would think I had done a marathon the day before. Well, I suppose in comparison to the majority of the time it was a marathon in a way. I was really too exhausted to consider doing anything of consequence on Sunday at all (which is the reason I posted Sunday’s blog on Monday) I am now several days later beginning to gain a few spoons back. Was it worth it? Totally. Am I glad it is only one day a year? Absolutely. 14th July 2018 is on my calendar.

Were you at Crafting Live? Did you discover a new craft or product range or get carried away spending more pennies than you planned? Drop a comment below.

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