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So you want to make contact. Fantastic, I love hearing from people! Let’s make this easy for everyone and make sure everyone has the information they need.

If you are a fellow spoonie, crafter or genealogist; head on over to one of my social media account and say hi.

Fellow Bloggers

Do you have Fibromyalgia alongside another condition? Perhaps you would like to have a guest spot on one of my Fibromyalgia Alongside posts? Or maybe you would like to guest post about another symptom that goes hand in hand with Fibromyalgia that I haven’t experienced? Either way, just use the Contact Form below utilising the Subject “Fibro Alongside.” If you would like to propose another guest post idea for this site or you would like to invite me to write a guest post for your website change the Subject to “Guest Post.”

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I am always happy to work with brands as long as your products are suitable for the overall content of my blog. Whether you make aides for people with a chronic health condition or you are an up and coming craft product creator. Merely use work with me in the Subject field.

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