Maintaining a blog can be hard work, many bloggers get to the point when they hit the hump. You started out full of ideas for blog posts and then suddenly you run dry and suddenly wonder what to talk about next. There are many ways to get inspiration for posts and I will talk about some of them in the coming weeks. But first I wanted to address something I consider even more important, getting organised and planning and for that I use ClickUp.

What type of blogger are you?

There are loosely three types of bloggers:

  • Those who do it for themselves, keeping an online diary that they incidentally share with the world, gaining readers is not really their purpose.
  • Bloggers who want to share their message and build up a following who can help spread the message even further.
  • Those who hope to make a living from their efforts, or maybe even get rich!

Who needs to get organised?

If you consider yourself to be the first type, you can completely ignore this article. Keep doing what you are doing and enjoy it. Expressing yourself is no doubt wonderful therapy. I have a similar blog myself but I don’t share it with anyone (and I regularly forget to write in it!) However, if you consider yourself to be type two or three, therefore a more serious blogger, let me explain some benefits of organisation.

The Benefits of Planning

First, let me put this out there, we have a chronic illness so we can’t always execute even the best plans, so the planning system has to be flexible. The other problem many of us have is memory issues – good old Fibro Fog so a planning system has to allow us to make any notes we want to. Finally, we are all different and work in our own way so our organisation system needs to be versatile. I believe ClickUp delivers all those things, and I don’t think it will disappoint you. Here are some ways I use it.

ClickUp Kanban View

The Kanban View

If you have used many planning tools before you may be familiar with the Kanban. I use Trello, which is famous for its Kanban view for the Roadmap for this blog (please add anything to it you would like me to cover). If you want some help to do this, I have written a step-by-step guide here. You may wonder why I use ClickUp when I have a Trello account? Well, ClickUp is so much more than a Kanban layout, read on to find out more. I only use the Kanban view for one purpose; adding my thoughts to the ideas column, which on the image above has the label open.

ClickUp for Planning

For planning, what is better than a calendar? ClickUp has a built-in calendar view. Within each of the views you can choose exactly what you wish to look at. I spend most of my time in this calendar view. As an example here is a view of my blog posts planned (and completed) for October 2019. You do not have to see the complete ones; I set a filter to show these so I know what I have already published.

ClickUp showing the calendar view.

The List View

If you prefer to work to a list. No problem, ClickUp has a built in list view and you can sort it is many ways. Groupings include: status, due date and priority.

ClickUp in the list view

The eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted tasks that are not anything to do with my blog. That is because I am displaying all my project areas.

ClickUp Walk Though

Really, the best way to show all that ClickUp can do is to show you around, so I have created a video for you.

I hope you have found this useful. Let me know if you give ClickUp a try! Until next time,

ClickUp Pinterest Sized Image

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