Recently Cannacares reached out to me to see if I would like to try their CBD capsules. (This was gifted but I have not been paid for this post and all the words are my own!) I couldn’t have been happier to give them a go because they are capsules. I had previously tried drops once before (not the chocolate ones from Cannacares) and although they were helpful, I couldn’t cope with the taste. So this opportunity gave me the chance to get all the benefits without the problems.

Using the CBD Capsules

I started taking one capsules a day, as recommended by the Cannacares founder. He suggested after a week to move to two per day. There was no immediate effect, like when you take an opioid painkiller. However, equally there were no negative side effects either. I quickly got into a routine of taking them and didn’t think anything of it.

Gradual Benefits

A day or two after beginning the supplements I began to notice an improvement. My pain levels were not as noticeable and I was able to do more. It surprised me that I could go out in a morning and then again in the afternoon. If you have followed the blog for a while you will know that I was practically housebound before I moved house. Once I moved, going out a couple of times in a week was a big improvement, so twice a day was amazing.

Reduced Stiffness

While taking the Cannacares CBD Capsules I found my stiffness levels reduced dramatically. Because so many of my activities involve sitting at my desk I can easily sit here for four hours. While I was taking the capsules I could easily get up from my desk and walk into the next room. Now they are out of my system this is very far from the case.

A Reduction of Headaches?

I can’t say whether this is due to the CBD capsules or not but during the time I was taking them I didn’t have any “proper” headaches. You may have seen my post about headaches in the Fibromyalgia alongside series? Headaches are one of the symptoms/coexisting conditions that I (and many other Fibro Warriors) experience.

Cannacares CBD Capsules Success

To get a better idea of the benefits of the capsules I decided to wait until a few days after I had finished taking them to write this. In all honesty I have noticed a massive change. I am far more aware of pain and my stiffness levels when getting out of chairs has greatly increased. Because I am more aware of the pain, this has impacted my energy levels which have dropped.

Cannabis – what am I taking?

As the benefits of taking cannabis become increasingly popular now (certain types) have become legal. I wanted to know a bit more about it and understand the wide range of prices. This article on Healthline explains it well. The Cannacares CBD Capsules contain 25mg of CBD Oil, in contract when I went to Amazon and searched for CBD Capsules as you can see the results that come up are much more affordable but are made of the seed and therefore contain no CBD.

CBD Oil and the Medical Profession

The thing I find most frustrating is that the medical professionals are moving people away from the many medications due to the Opioid Crisis. They will not prescribe CBD oil though (other than some specific cases, for example children with extreme epilepsy). Because I have come off my Co Codamol other than the most extreme days, my GP is happy to continue prescribing them to me. I would be much happier being prescribed this CBD oil though. Unfortunately though, as we are aware the drug companies seem to play a large part in deciding what can be prescribed.

The Financial Implications of CBD

Although the budget capsules on Amazon do not contain the CBD I have decided to try some anyway because the hempseed oil may have some benefits. In reality though I think I will be purchasing the Cannacares CBD Capsules going forward. I can’t afford to take two a day and potentially I may not even be able to have one a day, but at the important times like Christmas, when I want to be as well as possible. These capsules will be worth the investment.

Update: I have tried the non CBD Hemp seed oil capsules and I can’t find any benefit to them, certainly not to the level of the CBD ones. Also Cannacares have kindly provided a discount code for us, when ordering capsules at the checkout you just need to add the code CCLiving. – Thank you Cannacares!

Have you tried CBD Oil?

I would love to hear from other Spoonies and Fibro Warriors who have tried CBD. Has it been as beneficial for you as it was for me? Similarly is anyone taking the Hempseed oil and is this helping you? If you have not tried CBD and you have the funds I can genuinely recommend Cannacares. As well as the capsules I have tried they also sell Chocolate CBD Oil and CBD+Magnesium Topical Cream or you can get a sample selection of all three to try. Let me know how you get on, especially if you try the chocolate oil, does it really camouflage the flavour of the oil?

Cannacares CBD Capsules container and capsules

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