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Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday which meant that last week I was busy deciding what sort of card to make him. On Thursday though I received an extra task though because Mum commissioned me to create one for her to give him. Making a card for Mum to give was a first! Whereas Dad always expects me to make all his Birthday, Anniversary and Christmas cards for Mum, she usually buys hers. This year though Mum couldn’t find anything she liked in the shop, and as a recipient of so many cards both from me directly and from my Dad, she knew I could do a better job. Even better she paid me something for it! Naturally, this commission meant so much more for me for this reason, and it is no surprise that I turned to Hunkydory to ensure I did a good job. The very last project I shared with you, Michael’s Birthday Card was Hunkydory based.

Living Creatively with Fibro | The Sections of decoupage removed from the sheet and spread over my craft desk with two pairs of decoupage and a craft knife.

Primrose Lane Decoupage Pieces

The Primrose Lane Luxury card collection was the Hunkydory collection I selected to make the card for Mum to give Dad. For their wedding Anniversary in February, I used the same collection. The Pleasant Retreat Decoupage Topper Collection was a perfect choice, so as usual with these collections the first job was to extract all the pieces. The majority I was able to pop out, but some intricate sections needed the help of decoupage scissors or the craft knife.I have two pairs of decoupage scissors, the straight blade ones I have had for ages and the curved blade ones which are from the Dreamees and a recent purchase from Create and Craft. I find myself reaching from them in equal measure and occasionally prefer to use the craft knife in a tight corner.

Building the Decoupage

I think I have finally found my perfect decoupage routine. I used to use foam pads and stick each layer on flat. Then I began using 3D Glue Gel and shaping the pieces with the Tonic Flower Forming Tools. The problem with this was I curved every layer, and the images became quite bulky and too rounded. For this project, I used foam pads for the bottom layer and a combination on the second layer before shaping and glueing the top sections. I was pleased with the result of this.

Foam Pads and Glue Gel
3D Decoupage
Completed Decoupage

Building Foundations

While the Glue Gel was drying, I got to work on the base layers of the card. I decided to go with 8″ x 8″ which will be no surprise to regular readers. I used CraftUK card blanks as I often do.  I cut the matching cardstock to 19 cm squared, and some gold mirror card to 19.5 cm squared on my Cutterpillar Pro (sorry I tend to work in a combination of imperial and metric, I’m quirky like that.)

Living Creatively with Fibro | Card Base Layer with the matching cardstock featuring a green gingham check panel and an image of a county cottage with a bridge over a stream and ducks floating by

Completing the Card for Mum to give to Dad

To complete the card I attached to the decoupage image to the left of the card with some sticky mitts glue and  a matching rectangular sentiment below saying ‘For a Wonderful Husband’ and a circular sentiment above saying ‘Enjoy your day with foam pads.’ I felt it needed something else so as a final touch I used the Birthday and Wishes dies from the Hunkydory Moonstone Dies Simply Sentiments collection and cut the words out of gold mirror cards and attached this to the top left corner with some Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic Glue. Here is the completed card for Mum to give to Dad.

Living Creatively with Fibro | The Completed card from Mum to give to Dad featuring the Pleasant Retreat Decoupage images and sentiments

My Card for Dad

To see the card I made from myself you can check out my Pinterest Gallery. It also featured some Hunckydory products. One of the cards from the Vintage Moments Topper Deck as well as an envelope cut with the Moonstone Dies Sealed with Love Envelope. I made the rest of the card with stamps from the Creative Stamping Issue 58 stamps designed by Sheena Douglass who is one of my old time favourites when it comes to stamp design. I was happy with this card, and he liked it, but as much as I enjoy stamping, I can’t yet reach the same professional level results as I can with the Hunkydory products.

Here in the UK, we have Father’s Day on Sunday which means I will have cards to make for my Dad and my Father in Law. I think there is a good chance that at least one of the cards may be created using the new Hunkydory USB key number 7 due to it containing the Gentleman’s Journey collection. You can currently get this at Create and Craft with a ridiculously affordable 4 Flexi Pays! Come back next Monday to see what I have created!

In the meantime, if you have enjoyed what you have seen here, I’d be grateful if you would subscribe to my email list. Why not drop me a comment below if you like the card I have created? I love chatting with fellow crafters, especially ones who are spoonies too. 

Until next time,
Gentle Hugs,

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