I am back again today with another magazine gift. The Beautiful Blooms Stamps, supplied with Simply Cards and Papercraft Issue 191. I am always a fan of floral stamps so I got to work putting these stamps through their paces.

Testing the stamps

As always, I stamped the images with my Tim Holtz Stamping Platform, you can read more about it in this post. I used Ranger Archival Ink and Lynda Chapman’s World of Paper cardstock (extra white 250gsm). This is one of my go to cards at the moment because I can print it, stamp on it and colour it with pens or pencils. An all rounder really.

Living Creatively with Fibro | An photo of all the stamped images with crisp lines

Colouring the Largest Bloom

As you can see, all the stamps performed well and produced crisp images. I coloured these with my Castle Art Supplies coloured pencils. These were a new purchase in June and I kid you not some of the best coloured pencils I own, crazy given the very affordable price. You can grab them at Amazon where Prime members get  5% off voucher *affiliate link.  To begin with, I worked on the largest flower. Unlike last weeks efforts, I remembered to use some of my colouring knowledge this time and added highlights and shade. This one image used all that my hands had to give (spoonie problems)

Living Creatively with Fibro | the largest of the beautiful blooms images coloured in shades of orange

Colouring Leaves

I coloured the next two images with the same pencils, choosing shades of pink for the flower and leaf green for the leaves, funnily enough! Once again, after these two elements I needed to give my hands a rest.
Living Creatively with Fibro | A photo of the stamped flower and leaves images, the flower is shades of pink and the leaves are bright leaf green

Testing the ColourTint Pencils

For Christmas I received the two sets of Spectrum Noir ColourTint pencils. Other than swatching them in my book (an indispensable tool for me, you can find mine at Amazon *affiliate link).  I have not used them for any colouring, so I decided these flowers and leaves provided the perfect chance to get them out to play. I am really pleased with how the leaf and bud turned out, but I think I coloured the flower below with too deep a shade. Every day I am learning and improving. As Robin Sharma said, there are no mistakes in life only lessons #adultcolouring #adultcoloring #papercrafter #stamping Click To Tweet
Living Creatively with Fibro | Flowers and leaves coloured with ColourTint pencils

The Beautiful Blooms

Here you can see all the coloured images of the beautiful blooms stamps along with the sentiments. I have to say, I especially like some fonts they used for the sentiments. Where flowers bloom so does hope, is my stand out sentiment of choice.
Living Creatively with Fibro | Beautiful Blooms stamped and coloured

Beautiful Bloom Dies

As is often the fashion at the moment, these stamps came with some matching dies. So I thought it was only right that I tested them out for you too. When you are cutting out stamps your best friend is low tack tape. I have some dedicated low tack tape by crafters companion (it’s purple, I couldn’t say no) but you can also use Washi Tape. You know if you get a set of them and most are pretty but there is a dud in there that you don’t like, now you have a use for it!
Living Creatively with Fibro |the largest bloom with the die on top fastened down with low tack tape

The die cut Beautiful Blooms

The two flowers cut out really well. I used the same technique to line up and cut out the leaves, but this was dramatically less impressive results as you can see.
Living Creatively with Fibro | The die cut beautiful blooms images complete with the word bloom which is included

Final thoughts on the Beautiful Blooms

I will need to stamp out and die cut the leaves again to work out if they are tricky to align or if there is a problem. Although I use stamps regularly and I also use dies often, I don’t have many sets of stamps with matching dies (or any sets I have; I have scarcely used). Because I have the ScanNCut, I could cut the stamps out with that, without worrying about lining anything up. But if I only need to cut out two images, the dies are quicker.

These are a keeper

This set has made its way into my Evernote Inventory for now. Because the goal is to downsize my stash, I will evaluate it again later when I compare it to any other similar sets. I dream of one day having an organised, comprehensive but minimised craft stash.   

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