At odds with my Sinuses

I have talked about Sinus problems alongside Fibromyalgia before. It seems to be one of those symptoms that are common in people with this condition but not a given. Much like about two-thirds of the symptoms that each of us deals with.

When mine plays up it can be really frustrating because I can blow my nose until I am blue in the face and hardly ever achieve anything. I always can’t help feeling that I wish I could just get a mini vacuum cleaner and give them a thorough sucking out!

In reality, though I know someone who had an operation for sinusitis and it resulted in two black eyes and so much pain they would rather have put up with the previous level of sinus pain, and this was a non-spoonie.

I have watched YouTube videos where people do sinus rinses and get all sorts of disgusting gubbins coming out, but when I use my NellieMed sinus rinse I see very little emerge. I think I must have some hidden compartments though because sometimes some of the water gets left behind, even if I have tipped my head in all the right directions. Then it randomly trickles out of my nose in the next 15 minutes or so. Not the most exciting party trick/special power.

Speaking of watching things on YouTube, I confess I am one of those people who have a fascination with the weird and wonderful. Something is relaxing about the various channels dedicated to pimple popping, even though most of them are speaking Asian languages I don’t understand. Strangely enough, the original Dr Pimple Popper who brought me over to that side of the internet is no longer on my radar. She now seems to deal with mainly surgical procedures which are life-changing for the patients but not as relaxing for the viewer.

Another channel that has made its way into my subscription list is the Hoof GP. I do not live on a farm and have nothing to do with livestock but nonetheless, I am becoming quite knowledgeable about looking after cow’s feet. I arrived here via the Top Bro who I used to watch dealing with all sorts of weird and wonderful ingrowing and fundal toenails. In all fairness, I found that channel for the legitimate reason of having regular ingrown toenail problems myself.

Do you have any weird and wonderful YouTube channels that for almost unfathomable reasons you can’t help subscribing to… if so do let me know thy may become a new guilty pleasure for me too!

Until next time,
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