For anyone who lives in the UK or USA at least, you will be well aware that it is Black Friday next week, if not I can’t imagine where you have been hiding. I decided to use this opportunity to talk about some of the benefits of using Amazon Prime for spoonies, and not just for Black Friday!

Shopping from Home

So let’s get the obvious fact out of the way. The shops get hectic, they are busy most weekends of the year, but from now until Christmas things become a bit uncomfortable. On Black Friday it leans towards being impossible to battle through a shop. Using Amazon Prime shopping is quick and straightforward from the comfort of your home. Stress-Free! No crowds, no queueing for ages, no walking for miles around a shopping centre to cover all the categories of purchases needed. You can see some of the benefits of Prime here.

Living Creatively with Fibro | An image of a row of shopping trolleys with the words "Do you really want to fight for a trolley?"

Beating the Crowds

I imagine there are certain items you already know you need to buy whether they are Christmas Presents for your family or even therapies for yourself. When you are a member of Prime, you get thirty minutes early access to all the Lightning Deals which will significantly improve your chances of snapping up much-needed items at the best price possible. You can have a look at the upcoming Prime Deals, including Black Friday here, you can also get a daily email roundup of the deals, so you don’t miss anything.

Many Deliveries

Let me put things in perspective for you. Each month we pay £6 for the delivery saver plan with Tesco. It is a good deal, bearing in mind their Saturday delivery slots can be £7 each. For that £6 we get next day delivery; yet, we have to spend at least £40, so if you need a midweek top up, it involves going to the shops.
In comparison, Amazon Prime costs £7.99 a month, and for the extra two pounds, you get. Next day delivery any day of the week of many items that cost less than £5. Admit it as a spoonie the fog wins out at times (Brain fog is a Symptom many people with Fibro have). How many times have you gone to a shop and kicked yourself because you forgot something? With Prime, this is no problem you can either edit an order before they ship it or place another one.

Living Creatively with Fibro | An image of a van with the words Amazon Prime Delivery on tap

Entertainment on tap

If you don’t think all the multiple deliveries warrant the charge alone, don’t forget about all the added extras. Prime membership includes Prime Music (that’s over 2 million songs) and Prime Video (thousands of movies and complete box series) you can see a selection of the content here.

Are they paying me to sell Amazon Prime to you?

No, I do have an affiliate link, but in reality, I will make 10p per person as long as at least thirty people sign up for a trial. I am a happy customer and to be honest I don’t know how I would get through the festive season without Amazon Prime. Admittedly, before now I have signed up made November for the Prime trial for the delivery alone and then cancelled it in January. That worked for me when I was going out to the office five days a week. Now I have Fibromyalgia I don’t know what I would do without all the benefits of Prime all year around.

Did you catch last weeks post? I am doing a detox. It is still going as well as I could hope. This week I have had some headaches, but I think the weather is the cause. Michael is on leave next week, and we have planned a DIY project, all being well I will share the results with you soon. 

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