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When considering what to write about in this post I have been having a bit of a scroll back through the last 12 months or so looking for subjects I have not touched on as much as I would like and it was quite a shock to see when I last mentioned anything about Genealogy. This led to an even bigger shock as to when I last logged in to my Genealogical Research program (Family Historian).

It is fair to say that maintaining my blog is by necessity (as well as the pleasure of course) a regular routine.  My crafting is pleasurable and accountable due to the posts I write but Genealogy has for a while slipped by the wayside as has my love of Taonga I was so passionately advocating in April. I have meanwhile been spending time every single day playing World of Warcraft (WOW). This is not because I enjoy the war aspect as all but I love completing quests, getting achievements and exploring the virtual fictitious world of Azeroth. I now (as my main character is in the 100’s levels have a Garrison to grow and maintain. It is fair to say I am addicted. I have even made some special glittery stickers for my Happy Planner, another current addiction, I first mentioned here

Happy Planner week 34
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I also used Craft Artist to make my bookmark too, I was going to laminate it but then decided there was no need because I will no doubt be updating it soon to a more Autumnal design. This was a simple project that I just needed to cut with my Cutterpillar and punch with my Happy Planner Punch from Amazon:

Hours spent on Pinterest and Youtube

You don’t want to know how long I have spent in the last couple of weeks lying in bed with my tablet (when I should have been reading!) on Pinterest pouring over Happy Planner layout stickers (this week’s printable set is from Plan With Alex on Etsy) and also on Youtube learning how to design and print your own planner stickers with the Silhouette Cameo. (I am so glad now that I kept my Silhouette when I got my ScanNCut) my ScanNCut is very much my machine of choice for Cardmaking but the Silhouette is the perfect companion for, my planner. Please note though that I did say hours spend not lost because going forward I plan on creating my own stickers to compliment my Living Creatively with Fibro life and some kits to sell too. Another little money maker I hope. For any left handed Happy Planner user out there feel free to share my inserts which go on the left-hand side instead of the usual right-hand making it easier to write on.

Planner Inserts

Addictions and Fibromyalgia

It is fair to say I have always been the sort of person to throw myself whole heartedly into something I enjoy however I do believe there is a much stronger draw now because of my limitations. Before I began living with Fibro it is fair to say I regularly burned the candle at both ends. I came home from work and spent maybe five hours per evening on hobby activities whether these were in or out of the house and I managed to juggle several interests all at once. Things have changed though, as well as not going to work anymore I do not go out for very much else other than medical appointments or occasional trips to nearby shops. When I find something I enjoy doing without too much pain or discomfort I sort of jump on it. For instance the first day I got back into playing WOW after a few months I had a really good day, so my brain makes the leap that playing WOW helps me. There is a fairly good chance that the last time I was doing my Genealogy research I had a bad day and again my brain jumped to a conclusion. Ironically, I imagine some readers thought given the connection between Addiction and Fibromyalgia I was going to be talking about medication and I have to set alarms to remind me to take that and when possible skip a dose of painkillers so that is not an addiction I have or am likely to develop. I read an interesting post in Psychology Today which suggests the Addictive Personality is actually a myth and addiction is rooted in experiences that have a negative outcome however if the activity or product of your addiction adds value then that is better described as healthy excess enthusiasm. So, next time (at some point today) I am playing WOW and Michael (who introduced me to it in the first place!) says “Addicted Much” I will simply say no it is “Health Excess Enthusiasm”

It is, therefore, my wish that my fellow Fibro Warriors find their ‘good day activities’ that can give them some healthy excess enthusiasm, and a welcome distraction from the world of pain and exhaustion we find ourselves living in.

Until next time,
Gentle Hugs,

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