As promised last week when I shared with you the journey to my Fibromyalgia Diagnosis today I am returning with a light-hearted look at the various accidents I have had in my time. The NHS website information about Fibromyalgia lists injury and operations as two of the possible triggers for Fibro. You only need to do an internet search to see if the accident has to happen immediately or if some time can pass to see that there is evidence a delay can easily be factored in. Although I am going to give you a brief overview in this blog post, I recommend you watch the YouTube video as well which I have included below. I go into more detail, and you can understand why some of these accidents were quite amusing due to the circumstances or the timing. There are a couple of things I forgot about when recording the video through which I have gone into detail of here.  So if you have time I recommend you skim over the blog post and watch the video to get the complete picture.

The Early Years

Two accidents come to mind when I think about my childhood. The first involved cutting my knee which needed butterfly stitches. I was about six at the time. The second one, probably a year or two after that featured me falling over in a playground cutting my forehead, nose and chin. I am sure there were many other bumps, bruises and grazes. I spent a lot of my childhood playing outside. Two things have just come to mind that I forgot about when recording the video.

I nearly was hung!

When I was probably around about nine or ten (at a guess), I was in my friend and next door neighbour’s garden where we were climbing the tree. It was not a very tall tree if we had fallen out it would not have been a particularly big accident. It was probably Autumn or spring because I was wearing a short jacket with a hood. At one point I slightly slipped and lost my footing. I didn’t fall to the floor, which would have been preferable, but my hood got caught on a branch, and the collar started cutting into my throat. As I look back at the situation now with calm logic, I should probably have tried undoing the zip and sliding out of the coat. At the time though I rasped out at my friends to get one of their parents. I was the oldest of us! That was a pretty hair-raising moment and I am forever grateful that (I think their Dad) came out as quickly as he did!

Causing a splash

The other accident I forgot to include in the video occurred in our garden. We had a pond which was an old bathtub which was sunken into the ground and had a brick surround and some plants. I really can’t remember how it happened whether I just slipped, or more likely was pushed… but I managed to fall into it. That in itself was not too big a deal; I could handle a dunking. Unfortunately, I managed to catch the top of my ear on the brick surround and gash it open.  I do remember quite a lot of blood and being mopped up. If you run your hand across the flat section of my ear, you can still feel the seam running down it from being split open.
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Big League Accidents

My first significant accident was when I was eighteen and broke my leg, it was a bit complicated, and it needed an operation to fix rather than just the plaster cast. During the next five years to ten years, I had three accidents that involved spraining my back in amongst other things. I don’t do things by halves. To give my lower body a rest my most recent accident involved my hand. I partially severed the nerves and tendons in two fingers, it wasn’t pretty from what was said (I didn’t look) and needed a four-hour operation to fix.

An Accident Waiting to Happen

As you can see from my selected mishaps, it is not difficult to understand why in the first half of my life (to this point) I was often referred to as an accident waiting to happen. On the positive side, they have given me many stories to tell and on the whole I can laugh about many of them after the event.  The less amusing truth is that any one of these incidents, or a combination of them, could have planted the seeds of Fibromyalgia. I have a confession to make. It is a funny thing that years before I broke my leg and ended up using crutches for several weeks (which caused me to gain some nasty blisters on my palms). I used to see people at school with a pot on their arm or leg and thought it looked quite cool. Naturally, my brain was bypassing the part where they have broken a bone, no part of that is or could be fun or cool ?
Living Creatively with Fibro | An image of a mummy with speech bubbles saying You're an accident waiting to happen! and not again?

What about you?

I’d love to hear from you if you have had an accident that you think has contributed to or caused you to develop Fibromyalgia. Before you ask I am not posting this on behalf of anyone encouraging you to make a claim against anyone. I think we are surrounded by more than enough solicitors (lawyers) doing that job for us. I can’t name any solicitor’s company at the top of my head but the phrase “no win no fee” is stuck in there ?.  I am purely interested to know about other people’s experiences. It may even help me to work out if any one of these accidents was more to blame than the others.
I hope you have found this post and the video about many of my accidents interesting and maybe even amusing (it’s ok I do), If you have the best thing to do is to subscribe then you will always get a notification of new posts. As well as dropping a comment below which I always try to respond to I love to get to know you on social media. I am mainly busy on Twitter, but I do try to check out the others as often as possible.

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