A week of Pfizer

An image of a vaccine phial.

So, last Sunday I had my CoVid booster jab, this is a good thing, I have seen up close what CoVid can do to somebody. But I am also aware that when it comes to side effects I get my fair share. On the blog, I talked about my experience with my first Astra Zeneca dose. I was very much hoping this booster would be along the same lines as the second dose or the flu jab I have since had. I was wrong

When we went to the venue to get it, It was actually a snow day, somewhat rare in England in November, perhaps a foretelling of what we may expect this winter? As always the staff manning it were lovely and very helpful. They were happy for me to slip my mask off to have the vaccine as I was feeling a bit claustrophobic, it was a smallish room with about six booths in it. This needle did hurt a little bit but I was not too bad afterwards, I would class it as a little wobbly but not quite woozy. I requested some water as a preventative measure rather than risking feeling even fainter. There was a St Joh’s Ambulance chap who was lovely and helped me to the car after we had sat in the larger waiting room for the requested 15 minutes. This allowed Michael to go ahead and bring the car up to the door.

The rest of Sunday evening was not too bad. On Monday during the day, the injection site began hurting and between Monday and Tuesday, I developed a red circle about the size of a tennis ball. This caused the whole arm to ache.

By Wednesday everything peeked, as well as the red painful arm, my gland in the armpit became inflamed and really hurt this continued at a high level through to Thursday. I’ll be honest, even taking prescription painkillers the pain level was at a point where I felt like I could cry. Of course, these are reported side effects, so I wasn’t anxious about them.

Now, a week later, I still have the red circle but it is fading to a more bruise-like colour. The pain is still there but a bit more spread out, a few days ago it felt like there was a hard pea-sized lump, this is dispersing, when I rub the arm I get a brief nauseous feeling. The gland under my arm is still a bit uncomfortable, but not agony. Mainly there is this massive sense of exhaustion, even more than the regular Fibromyalgia levels of exhaustion.

I have read that the side effects can last for up to a month — they better not though because Christmas is coming. Of course, my first Astra Zeneca knocked me out for about two months, but let’s not dwell on that, I’m using any spoons I have going spare on positive thinking.

Have you had a mixed cocktail of vaccines? Were you more impacted by the side effects than you were expected? Perhaps you had scarcely any side effects? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments.

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