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Singer Starlet 6660

Well, this is very much a tale of two halves. On Saturday I attempted to turn up my husband’s  trousers. Seeing as he has now gone through three applications of wonderweb I decided that I needed to get the sewing machine out and tackle the job once and for all. Well, let me tell you things didn’t go to plan. I know a bad workman blames their tools but when the tool in question is a sewing machine that cost less than £40 I came to the conclusion it was fair to do so (I should have taken a photo of the disastrous tangle of threads but I was far too frustrated to think about doing that). Let’s just say it was worse that spaghetti junction and leave it at that.

Here is the other half of the tale. Michael decided that I really had to have a decent sewing machine as I am hoping to start making my own clothes as well as repairs. So on Sunday we took a trip to Hobbycraft and I came home with a fantastic new toy.

(Disclaimer:  I have no affiliate link to this product)

I have to tell you after one day’s use I am totally in love with this machine. It is light enough that even with my Fibro I can lift it up onto the table and back down (If it needs to go further Michael takes over). It is self-threading which makes life so much easier as fiddling around threading a needle would not be good when my fingers decide to hurt. Best of all it is digital so I just choose which stitch I would like and the tension etc is all set automatically for me (this is really useful if, like me, you have limited sewing experience or for times the old Fibro Fog descends). The added bonus is that it is useful and beautiful… yes, that is one of the mantras I am trying to live by.

Susan @ Livingcreativelywithfibro

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