I think it is fair to say that wherever rules are created, they are quite often broken and unfortunately I am going to break one of my own. It has not been a good week I have had a Stormy Flare Up of my Fibromyalgia. The purpose of my blog is to focus on all the positive things I can still achieve whilst living with Fibro I am determined to keep it upbeat and positive, however, when a flare up happens I think it is justifiable to have a small moan.  Hang in there though because I do have a cheerful ending.

Dealing with too much heat

If last week was to have had a theme tune it would have been written by Cole Porter and ably delivered by Ella Fitzgerald – have you guessed what it is? I’ll tell you, “It’s too darn hot.” The temperature just kept on climbing, I’ll be honest I don’t deal well with the heat and although I don’t manage the cold well either it is easier to heat yourself up than cool down. On Tuesday this culminated in a massive storm. I will agree that visually this was a dramatic spectacle and undeniably beautiful and yet at the same time catastrophic for my health.

Fibromyalgia Symptoms caused by a Storm

I managed to drag myself into work on Wednesday and thanks to understanding and support of my colleagues pretty much got  through the day and that is all I will say, I was physically present, mentally not so much, my ears were ringing and head pounding and it felt like I was lost in the middle of a busy bustling shopping centre (and no I don’t even work in retail!) I felt very angry and anxious which is totally out of character. Come the evening I collapsed and rest was all that I could consider.

The morning after  Storm

On Thursday I woke up (I’ll use the phrase woke quite loosely as there was not a lot of sleep) feeling appalling. Unfortunately, there was no way I could have made it to the office which I hated, I stubbornly refuse to be beaten most of the time (except for choir which I have regrettably come to realise is beyond my reach given the current circumstances). I spent part of the day sleeping on the couch, the bed is my night time nemesis and not somewhere I would choose to spend the day too, when not asleep I was reading and watching some gentle television, all very calm and restful.

Things improved by the next Evening

In the evening I felt a little bit better and decided that I wanted to do something creative but not really well enough to do something I would have to think about so I decided to break open my new Spectrum Noir Colorista collection from Crafter’s Companion. This is a special set of adult colouring books and pens and pencils. I bought the complete set of pens which came with two of the books. It turns out this was the perfect choice of activity. It was very calming, whilst at the same time took enough concentration to get me out of my own head you can see some of the images I coloured below. It was doing this that made me realised just how stressed I was, since having Fibro it is very easy to pin pretty much anything that goes wrong with you onto it, whilst it is true that the symptoms are very diverse and very many of my issues are Fibro related occasionally there is something else going on and in this case that something is Stress. By Thursday evening things seemed to be looking in the right direction but unfortunately, during the night there was another storm and I was wiped out for Friday.

Receiving the N: rem Sleep System

I did promise a cheerful ending, and in fact, I have already cheered things up considerably with my Spectrum Noir Colorista experience but there is bigger news. On Friday we had our new N: rem mattress delivered. This is no ordinary mattress it opens up and contains a selection of foam pieces, one firm, two medium and two soft ones that you can rearrange to suit your needs. I opted to have the firm one at the bottom,  just out of reach of my feet but good for sitting on the edge of the bed. this is followed by a medium, two soft ones and the final medium. The mattress is amazing quality, it is certainly a considered purchase but you are able to pay £30 a month interest-free and judging by the positive reviews from Fibro and other chronic pain sufferers well worth the investment (there is also a 100 day testing period allowed).  So how was the first night?

The First Night using the N: rem Sleep System

It is quite hard to describe really. It was sort of firm to the touch but soft all at the same time. I could roll on my side and the elbow was totally safe, previously it would dig into a spring and hurt for ages. Before swapping the mattress we used to have two duvets as well as a topper on top of the old mattress and I did miss the softness of this and after another night or two may still add just the topper back for added softness but once used to the different feel this may not the necessary. The other great feature of the N: rem mattress is the temperature control. For as long as I can remember now during the last year or so I have been waking up in the night with my hair, pillow and sheet absolutely drenched which is indescribably unpleasant, last night this did not happen, it may be a fluke, time will tell but I think it was down to the mattress. I will let you know in a while if we end up adding anything else to the bed or changing the sections, meanwhile, after realising how helpful the colouring was I have been researching mindfulness and relaxation which has led me to look into essential oils. I have some on order and will let you know how useful they are when they have arrived and I have had the chance to experiment.

Gentle hugs to all who need them,

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