One aspect of my creativity I don’t think I’ve talked about is poetry. Nearly half a lifetime ago I went through a phase of writing poetry and was lucky to have a couple of my poems published. Poetry is not something I have thought about for a long time until the other day when taking a shower of all things; I found myself beginning to write a poem in my mind and A Spoonie Shower: A Poem was born. Because the poem is about my Fibromyalgia and of course poetry is creative it seems like a good idea to share it with you. Please be kind; I am aware I shared a simple rhyming poem with you as a Christmas Wish but this is more what I would class as serious poetry, and it is much harder putting yourself out there in poetic form than it is writing a blog post.

A Spoonie Shower

A journey needs to be made

the need is undeniable but yet is put off able:

It’s such a long way to go and so many spoons to use

for what? Some temporary respite from the endless

spite of hyperhidrosis, must I? But I do.


Each pealed off layer of clothing

exposes new layers of exhaustion

and yes this very act of preparation

causes my pores to flow, ironic I know!


As I step into the flowing water

my eyes briefly close, a mistake

because my balance goes.

This jolt of reality triggers a reflex

my hand finds the railing where it grabs hold.


With my eyes open but unseeing

my mind departs and travels abroad.

The sensation of a rainforest transports me

tropically scented gel gives pleasure to the nasal cavities

as it travels to destinations within reach.


For a few fleeting moments,

I give in to the deluge.

The water washes away all doubt

why did I delay this for so long?

For the shortest minutes, I’ve vacated a Fibro life.


But then awareness prickles my joints

 as the familiar ache resumes tenure

and the moment is passed.

I must leave the enclosure and

my life resume.


So begins the chores of swaddling,

futilely rubbing at the moisture

as the cleansing waters of verticle bathing depart

so a sensation arrives on my forehead, newly wet

hyperhidrosis glows as if gloating

you have me if you wanted to get wet!

I’m hoping you enjoyed it, if not thank you for humouring me and reading it. I have to confess that I have really enjoyed revisiting poetry and if this one is not too badly received I may well share more with you as and when the creative juices flow in that direction. Next Friday I will be back with a more traditional blog post, and using this poem as the inspiration I may address the relationship between Fibromyalgia and Hyperhidrosis in that post. This is, of course, a continuation of the Fibromyalgia & “” series In the meantime don’t forget that I will be sharing another cardmaking post on Monday and the next instalment of Midweek Minimise on, unsurprisingly, Wednesday.  

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