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A Silver Anniversary Labour of Love

Well, it is less than a month since my last Hunkydory Post but this week has been a bit of a Hunkydory Fest. I have had two family birthdays and also the Sister in Law renewed her vows for her 25th Wedding Anniversary. It is occasions like this when I love being a card maker because you can really tailor your card to the occasion and there is a guarantee that no one else will have chosen the same card! So let’s jump into this and go through the three cards in occasion order.

A Floral Breeze Birthday Card

The first card was for my sister in law and I chose the Floral Breeze Collection for this card. This collection was one of the first where I got cracking and actually used it all rather than just dipping in so I actually had a card ready which was great. The card was made using an 8″ x 8″ card blank, no big surprise there then! I cut the backing card to 19 cm x 19 cm and some Gold Mirror Card at 19.5 cm x 19.5 cm and layered these together and fastened them to the card front with Collall All Purpose Glue. The main image was attached at my usual jaunty angle with some Sticky Foam Pads to add some dimension to the card. The Sentiment under the focal image was also attached with the same Foam Pads and the other sentiment in the top left corner was attached with the Collall All Purpose. Finally, I used some turquoise Flat Back Gems to complete the card, simple and effective.

Hunkydory Sister in Law Birthday Card

A Mysterious make

Well, the next card was for my Father in Law, his birthday was the day after my sister in law and I chose a card that I had partially created for this occasion. I just needed to add an insert. For the Hunkydory collections for the last year or so I have usually purchased inserts with the kits, for some of the older ones I have used Craft Artist to create my own. This card is a bit of a mystery because I have trawled the internet and can’t find which kit it came from! It was a smaller kit rather than a complete bundle because I think I only got a few cards out of this set. I made this front before I started putting all my cards in a database with their collection details. If you recognise it do let me know which collection it is from! The steps were very similar to the last card really but without the gems, the green mat layer came from a Papermania Christmas themed pad and the green parts have a velvet feel to them which along with the gold adds to the sumptuous feel of the card. here is the completed card:

Hunkydory Father in Law Birthday Card

For the insert instead of trying to match the front perfectly, I used a similar colour palette and chose to use a bit of humour. This is created from the Daisytrail Golden Years Great Granddads Digi Kit.

Irvin Birthday 2017 Insert

The Silver Anniversary Labour of Love

Hunkydory is always an excellent starting point if you want to make a special card (although in all fairness the last family events I made cards for were not Hunkydory so I am not completely biased and limited lol)  and I began by exploring the Special Occasions collection when I found the perfect starting place. As this was a Silver Anniversary I obviously wanted something that would be based on silver and not gold and the Made for Each Other set was perfect. The Labour of Love was mainly adding my own wording or more specifically lining this up perfectly. I used Serif Craft Artist and created an A4 landscape blank then it was a case of working out when I needed to put the wording on the (what is actually an insert) so that I could cut this down to 19cm and have it in the correct place. It took three or four prints onto cheap practice paper before I was happy with the results. As it was such a special occasion instead of just printing it on my Canon Inkjet I brought the Samsung Laserjet out of hibernation which enabled me to use my Patsy May Foil It to add silver foiling to the design. I would use this far more often if I wasn’t so short of space and it wasn’t so heavy. The results were certainly worth it though to have my wording foiled. The card was predictably an  8″ x 8″ again and the backing sheet was layered onto silver mirror card, I actually cut this down from an A4 sheet totally forgetting I have recently purchased the Gold, Silver and Rainbow 8″ x 8″ mat layers #FirstWorldProblems. I considered adding some extra embellishments but really felt that this would have been overkill, sometimes less is more and Michael completely agreed. Here is the card front:

Hunkydory Silver Anniversary Card

This is the insert created with a Heart and Roses kit in Serif Craft Artist. Don’t ask me why but when I exported this to a JPeg it moved the wording as on the original it fits into the scroll perfectly…

Tracey and Stephen 25th Anniversary Insert

On Wednesday I am back to trying out magazine free gifts and we shall be featuring a famous British Image of something used all year round but never more than in December… what do you think it might be? Answers in the comments!

Until next time,
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