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Well, it has now been a month since I wrote the post A British Spoonie in the Time of Covid19. Like, I am sure, many of you I have been through a whole range of emotions since then. So I thought I would touch base with you again and let you know how I have been spending my time; how I have been affected by the pandemic and my thoughts on some of the things I have seen and heard.

Health, Fibro aside…

Fibro aside, I have had an ear infection. It started during the first week of April, fortunately because I have had them before I was able to recognise the symptoms and accurately describe what was going on to the Doctor over the phone, so she prescribed me antibiotics. During the five day course things started improving, but unfortunately it didn’t clear up completely and started to get worse a week or so later. A second phone call and I am now taking a second set of antibiotics. Let’s hope it works this time because the balance issues are not great, not to mention the pain.

How is the crisis affecting as a spoonie?

As I have already mentioned, I have been through a great many emotions over the last month and things like stress and anxiety are not good for Fibro. In practical terms I am not overly affected by what is happening, but as a bit of an empath some of the harrowing stories I have heard have required me to dig deep. I am sure many people will be thinking I should just switch off from it all, but I can’t do that. This may sound crazy, but I know, had I not been living with Fibo, I would have been out there volunteering. In a small way it feel like the least I can do is be with people in spirit.

Let’s talk about shopping!

For many years we have used Tesco for a weekly delivery. We grab a slot when we can but there are periods when we have to go over two weeks without and because of the product limits we can’t just stock up with all we need before hand. I know they have the government contract to support the people who are shielding and naturally these people have to get priority. But I can’t help wishing they had surveyed their regular customers and added some sort of priority for disabled people too. Michael and I are both in the at risk category but not at the shielding level.

If you go out to the shops today…

Thankfully we have a good butcher just around the corner and he also has a small amount of other essentials like milk and a selection of vegetables. However, the other week we needed to go to the nearest supermarket which happens to be a Morrisons. Michael has had periods before when he has suffered with anxiety, but I thought this wasn’t really a problem for me. So I initially suggested that he could drive there and I would go in. I was actually looking forward to getting out. Then, when I was in the shower that morning my brain started going through all these scenarios of how I could catch the Coronavirus and I almost had a panic attack. This caused a flare-up of my Fibro symptoms and Michael ended up going.

Keeping busy

I am very much in a genealogy mood at the moment. As well as doing further research, a lot of my earlier work needs tidying up. I have gaps where I didn’t have the research skills to find the information I needed, not to mention details I hadn’t added references for. So every day I have been stuck in to my family tree (although because I follow the leads in every direction, there are people on there who are several marriages away from being related to my blood family). It hit me that it might be a good idea to write a blog post about easy mistakes for new genealogists, so watch this space.

Coronavirus bring the best and worst out of people

Throughout this pandemic I have been both moved to tears by the plight of or selflessness of people and also felt incredibly angry at the behavior of others. What is it about a crisis that bring out the very best or the very worst in people. I get some behavior can be alcohol fueled. But in other instances it is as if some people hate their lives so much that they want to bring everyone else down with them. I never understand how they don’t get the basic premise that the better you treat people the better they will treat you and the more inclined people will be to help.

Time to clap

Here in the UK we have a new tradition of going outside our house and clapping each Thursday at 8pm. This clap is for both our NHS staff and also all carers (and to be honest anyone who has a vital job and putting themself in danger’s way). We did feel that after the first week, which was initially planned as a one off. Creating a weekly habit would loose people’s interest and it would fade off. Wonderfully, the opposite has happened and it has grown each week, people are playing instruments and creating wonderful visuals. I guess as more people’s lives become affected they are drawn to joining in. Even living in a village we can hear people from the other streets joining in, it must be even more poignant in larger cities. Every time I hear of a doctor or nurse losing their lives I am distressed. They joined a medical profession to help people not the armed services. So many families have been devastated.

In it for the long haul

There are constant questions from the media about when the lock down will be over. Let’s face it though, even when the restrictions are lifted some degree of social distancing will be required until a vaccination is ready. Although the physical separation from close family and friends is difficult. The good news for the spoonie community is that the entertainment industry may continue to innovate and bring itself into our homes. This will help us to stop feeling socially isolated thanks to everyone else being in the same situation. That right there is a small silver lining in the midst of so much apprehension and tragedy.

Until next time,
Gentle Hugs,

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