I just have a short post for you today, I have been working for a while on a commissioned wedding card and you can have a few sneak peeks above. The card has been commissioned by a colleague for her son’s wedding day in the week before Christmas and it is one of the most complicated projects I have undertaken. 

The background of the Wedding Card was cut out on my ScanNCut from a cutting file I found on Crafts you print (yes, they have more than printing projects!) The bride and groom were part of the cutting file as were the bells. The majority of the project was cut from Centura Pearl Snow White with a Hint of Gold. The bells were cut from Create and Craft Gold Mirror card. The file came with a Mr and Mrs sentiment but I replaced these with the Bride and Groom’s names which I cut from the gold mirror card with a shadow of red Centura Pearl, (Red is the wedding colour for the bridesmaids etc. Given the proximity to Christmas, the far left and right panels have two sprigs of holly in the top colours. Out of sight on the images, there are two extra panels between the back double and the front ones which feature two doves each. Three of the doves have the names of each of the couple’s children on them (as requested) and the fourth dove has the date of the wedding on it.

During this project, I have cut an intricate pattern for the first time, used the Scan N Cut’s drawing feature to write for the first time and used the facility to weld lettering. All in all, I am very proud of this card and somewhat sad that you can’t see the whole project but felt that privilege belonged with my colleague who commissioned the card and the recipients of it.

For Fibro fans, I have to report that the symptoms have been relatively manageable this week. Friday and Saturday were a bit hairy and I worried that the gall bladder was kicking off again, however,  as the colleague who sits next to me became similarly afflicted during Friday afternoon there is a good chance that I simply picked up a bug, not fair is the cry, is not Fibromyalgia and Gall Bladder problems enough without being in the pipeline for anything else that is doing the rounds…

In other news is it really only three weeks until Christmas day, where are the days going?

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