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Crafting with the Sweet Adventures Decoupage Easel Kit from Papercraft Inspirations

Crafting with the Sweet Adventures Decoupage Easel Kit from Papercraft Inspirations

The Crafty Bit

This weekend I have been working with the Sweet Adventures Decoupage Easel Card Craft Pack that came free with Papercraft Inspirations this month.

The immediate reason for this is that I have loads of free gifts received with magazines stacked up in draws. I’ll be honest I subscribe to about five different papercraft magazines and the main reason for this is the free gifts you receive with the physical versions. (Several of the magazines are available in digital version on Readly which I subscribe to). It is therefore somewhat ironic that I subscribe for the free gifts and yet when they arrive I receive them with pleasure before putting them away in a draw and forgetting I have them!

The Great Declutter of 2017

 So part of my quest to become more organised and be surrounded by less “stuff” is to use the free gifts as soon as they arrive (well within the month anyway). Some gifts, like this one, are paper kits that will be all gone when I’m finished. Other gifts include stamps, dies and embossing folders. These I plan on trying out and if I love them to add them to my “Organised and properly stored” collection. Others may be nice but not really to my taste so I may sell them on or maybe do some giveaways on this site.

Let’s get crafting

So how did I get on with this collection? As the decoupage images were not pre-cut I relied on my trusty ScanNCut CM700 to do the hard work for me. This is really a no-brainer for me. I could have spent several hours painstakingly cutting out all the parts and that would have been all my crafting time for the weekend, or I could let the ScanNCut do all the cutting for me so I can enjoy assembling the finished cards. I also made use of my Tonic Studios Floral Crafters Tool Kit to bring the characters to life and give them shape. This is quite a new trick I have learnt from watching Hayley (of the Dreamees) on TV. I shudder when I think of how many cards I have made over the years with flat decoupage layers but each day is a school day … I used a mixture of the enclosed foam pads and some Collall Coll Kit 3D Decoupage Adhesive to stick it all together and the only other addition was the ribbon I added to one of the cards. You can see my finished results here.


The Fibro Bit

Compared to some weeks I haven’t done too badly this week. I have been running on empty for a while following the cold I had last week but luckily I was able to work a four day week. This meant that I could spend some of my Friday crafting which is always happy news. Being a Saturday I started my day jumping on the bathroom scales and they were not overly happy with me, however, I am not going to worry too much about this. Firstly I am a female and we fluctuate and secondly, when you live with Fibromyalgia you are constantly exhausted as if you have been to the gym and you have to carefully pace any exercise you attempt otherwise you may not make it through everyday life.

Here is my thought for the week about this:

Wishing you all a happy week however you are spending yours,

Disclosure: If you decide to try some of the products I recommend I may receive a small commission from your purchase. However, I have not been paid in advance to advertise the products and have not received them free of charge unless stated. They are simply products I have purchased and found very helpful or enjoyable to use.

About The Author

Susan Pearson

Hi, I'm Susan. I'm passionate about crafting and genealogy and I'm learning how to make the most of my life now I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I hope you enjoy sharing my journey with me.


  1. andrea H

    Hi Susan. I’ve just had a quick read through your blog. Very interesting and really like the cards. Thankyou for sharing. You said you subscribe to a few (lol) papercrafting mags, well do you get ‘Quick cards made easy?). I do.i wanted to see if I can find someone else that does as I really want to have a good moan about the Giveaway last month. It was a ‘free side step card making kit!’ Was really looking forward to getting it this month as I’ve never tried a stepper card. Well I’m not joking you, if this is the sort of giveaway that come with the magazine then I’m sorry but I can’t wait for my subscription to end this year. Once the cards were made up they were 3″ x 2.5″ more of ATC size. I was really unhappy with them. I also would of been embarrassed to give them away. Come on Quick cards made easy please give us decent gifts or you will find you will have no repeat subscribers!!

    • Susan Pearson

      Hi Andrea, Yes I do subscribe to Quick Cards Made Easy and know the giveaway you are talking about. I have made them up and they are small but I know a few colleagues and younger people who would think they were cute. The giveaways really vary throughout the year and I think this is the first time they have included a kit like this usually it is things like embossing folders or stamps etc. I don’t suppose you have a ScanNCut? If so the Gentleman Crafter has some really good side stepper cutting files. I love his site things are so ridiculously well priced too! I’m glad you liked the cards thanks.


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Hi, I'm Susan. I'm passionate about crafting and genealogy and I'm learning how to make the most of my life now I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I hope you enjoy sharing my journey with me.

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