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 Welcome to my blog!

Hi, I’m Susan Pearson, thanks for visiting my little part of cyberspace. As you’ve probably guessed from the title I am the proud owner of Fibromyalgia and I’m trying to do everything I can to make sure I own it and don’t let it own me.

What I’m interested in


I’m a keen crafter and I’ve been making my own greetings cards for over a decade, I have to admit I’d consider myself a failure if I had to buy one. One of my subject areas will be how I have adapted my crafting to manage with the Fibro.


I’m a bit of an organisation freak and absolutely love finding new productivity hacks whether they are paper-based, digital tools or even just more efficient ways of doing things.


Genealogy is another of my passions. Is it wrong that I know a lot more about my deceased relatives than most of the living ones…..? There is currently 5,937 individuals in my tree at the time of writing this, but no doubt that will change within a week. I have recently signed up to help with a project that photographs and transcribes gravestones to share online. I guess walking around local graveyards will get me out in the fresh air and count as gentle exercise.

Tell me the rest

What else do I love? Well, the internet I suppose, who else has lost whole hours on YouTube or Pinterest?  Not to mention Facebook and the various interest groups I belong to.

O.K. what about the things that really matter though you may be thinking…. Well I have been married to my wonderful husband for nearly a year and we have a small flatlet at the top of my parent’s house whilst we save for our own home. (Someone needs to remind me of that when I keep buying new crafting goodies…) My brother Robert also lives here as does Gemma, our beautiful dog. Please don’t ask me what breed she is though I only know about five and she isn’t one of them. We also have a semi-tame cat called Kitt who turned up as a kitten in the last week of our previous dog’s life and adopted us, he since got another cat into trouble and produced five kittens two of which still live in our garden and get fed in the outhouse. Finally, there is Fidget the ferret who lives in a cage in the basement, he turned up in the garden (another stray) and got adopted by my brother. Thankfully living in England there is little chance of an elephant or giraffe turning up because we simply don’t have space….


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Welcome to my Blog

Hi, I'm Susan. I'm passionate about crafting and genealogy and I'm learning how to make the most of my life now I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I hope you enjoy sharing my journey with me.

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