Learning to live with Fibromyalgia

Living Creatively with Fibro | Learning to live with Fibromyalgia

Today I thought I would share some advice for the newly diagnosed. Learning to live with Fibromyalgia is not easy I'll be honest. There are times when you may feel lost at sea and not even recognise yourself anymore. For me, there were two choices, bury my head, wish the world would go away and feel sorry for myself. Or, adapt to my new way of life and make the very best out of what I had left.   For anyone who knows me the first was never really an option. Don't get me wrong I have had wobbles and continue to have them but I prefer to look for the positives in life.

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Crafting with the Sweet Adventures Decoupage Easel Kit from Papercraft Inspirations

Living Creatively with Fibro | Sweet Adventures Decoupage Kit

The Crafty Bit

This weekend I have been working with the Sweet Adventures Decoupage Easel Card Craft Pack that came free with Papercraft Inspirations this month.

The immediate reason for this is that I have loads of free gifts received with magazines stacked up in draws. I'll be honest I subscribe to about five different papercraft magazines and the main reason for this is the free gifts you receive with the physical versions. (Several of the magazines are available in digital version on Readly which I subscribe to). It is therefore somewhat ironic that I subscribe for the free gifts and yet when they arrive I receive them with pleasure before putting them away in a draw and forgetting I have them!

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Updated: Managing a dental filling with Fibromyalgia

Living Creatively with Fibro | Dental Filling and Fibromyalgia

This week I was unlucky enough to have my second Dental Filling within the space of about a month! I will confess I am not great with dental treatment (let’s be honest, any treatment) but dental even more so because I have a small mouth. I’m sure those people that know me well and know how much of a chatter box I can be will find it hard to imagine that I have a small mouth. Well physically, I do!

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Organising tools that will motivate you to succeed

Living Creatively with Fibro | Completing a big task

If you read my post about how I am documenting this year you will be aware of the organising tools I am using. One of those tools, Remember the Milk, has had some large tasks showing as outstanding for longer than I would like. These are tasks that need doing but are not assigned to any specific day and there are a few tasks on the list that have been there since July, I know, embarrassing….

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Living life married without Children in a western world full of parents

Living Creatively with Fibro | Married without Children

As a blogger, it is fair to say that I spend time following and reading several of my fellow blogger’s work. This reading allows me to be inspired by their journeys and learn my craft.  One thing that hits me is the number of lifestyle bloggers who are talking about their role of being Mum.  The lifestyle developed around having children. The importance of being organised as a busy mum.  Creative projects to do with children and making the house homely for a family. All of those topics resonate with me.  I am (as far as my health will let me be) a busy wife.  I love finding new organising hacks and producing creative projects.  I certainly want to create a living space Michael and I will enjoy inhabiting, however, I am not a Mum.

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Be liberated by a Lazy Susan

Today I thought I’d talk about Lazy Susan’s and before anyone pipes up no I am not talking about myself!  This small little round turntable has made my life so much easier. Back in August, I talked about my Gemini die cutting machine which has enabled me to continue using my dies and embossing folders however I failed to talk about the role the Lazy Susan plays.

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